Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a wonderful life!

My Dnow Girls!

I had an amazing weekend. I had the opportunity to be with the high school girls at Mount Vernon Church for the D-Now weekend. This group was great (I love you girls!) I know I felt recharged after the weekend. Then sunday afternoon was so much fun...Ike and I went bike riding at lake lowndes! We realized that we are getting OLD! We have been sore all week! I loved it though and we are looking forward to more biking trips (let us know if you know of some good spots).. Of course I always enjoy the time I get to spend with Ike! Did you know I am marrying the most wonderful guy in the world?! Also some very exciting news (for me anyway)...We picked the bridesmaid dresses. This has been such a hard task. With 11 bridesmaids no dress seems to work for all their figures. But I think my girls will all look beautiful in the dress we chose (let me know if you want to see it). So that made me happy because I finally have the color (RED). We are planning to get married at First United Methodist since Mt. Vernon is beginning the Imagine campaign . So at least the plans are under way...YAH! I will try to keep you all posted as the plans develop!

Monday, October 22, 2007


OK...So I have been checking out the other blogs and in the process I came across this Zooma race (thanks Jenny!). The blog world has motivated me! What better time to train for something like this than during the engagement! Sounds exciting! So maybe I will give it a try! Would love to hear how others are training ....any tips or ideas????

Friday, October 19, 2007

My First Blog!!!

I am excited about joining this world of blogging. Thanks to my BEST friend Jenifer...I am officially a member. No promises of how often I will be able to update, but I love reading everyone else's so I will try. There is alot going on right now. Ike and I have just moved back to Columbus. He is a civilian again after four years of serving in the Air Force. He is working at Cadence Bank and taking classes now. I am working at Community Counseling services as a Prevention Specialist. We are also planning a wedding!!! YAH!! As you are all thinking "it's about time". Ike proposed May 13, 2007, mother's day and we are getting married May 24, 2008! Wedding plans are coming along slowly...I will try to keep you all posted. Well, until next time......
Pictures from the proposal....