Monday, November 10, 2014

Brotherly love

These two sweet boys!  Spence is just crazy about Brant.  He is always watching him, and smiling at him.  Brant has gone from non-stop loving on him to most of the time paying him no attention at all.  UNLESS we are holding him then he certainly notices.  I know it is a phase and soon they will be big buddies, right?!  Sometimes they are now....

Almost the same size.  Brant is one diaper size above Spence and only about 10 lbs.  Watch out "Big" brother!  

Ike and I are eat up with these two!  All the exhaustion is totally worth every second with them!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Big boy bed!

We  I decided that we MUST have a playroom.  I seriously felt like the toys were taking over the entire house.  We have 4 bedrooms, but with all of our family living out of town we really need a guest room.  We have planned all along for the boys to share a bedroom so why not go ahead and start the process.  My parents had already bought a toddler bed for Brant so the plan was to transition him to the toddler bed, take down one of the baby beds and have the other for Brant should we need it, and hopefully he would be transitioned in time to move Spence to the baby bed.  Spence is still in the rock and play, but I feel certain that is about to be over since he is already rolling over.  This was night one....

He appeared sooo excited....and even went to sleep in it that night...

BUT oh around midnight he started crying to be put in his baby bed.  Every night since we ask him and he chooses the baby bed.  We certainly do not want to force it on him.  So looks like we are back to 2 baby beds which I'm totally fine with. 

The playroom has changed our lives!  Brant LOVES it, and play so well in there.  AND toys are not all over the house as often

Monday, November 3, 2014


I have dreaded writing this post.  I have actually tried to start it many times and I could not bring myself to finish.  BUT I had to document this; Buster has been such a huge part of our lives.  Ike and I both felt like a chapter of our lives had been closed.  September 19, just a normal day.  Ike and I were loading the boys up for school, and Buster like always followed us to the truck.  It was so second nature for him to do that.  Neither of us really even noticed.  I heard it happen, looked up and I could immediately tell he was gone.  The driver said all she saw was a squirrel…of course.  He loved some squirrels.   Buster was a great dog.  He was our baby for many, many years.  He was there for all of my tears during infertility and miscarriages.  I told Ike it was weird I had never lived with him without Buster.  He was the most hyper dog you would ever meet at 6 ½ years old.  It broke my heart that our boys would not get to play with him.  I had looked forward to the day that they would love him as much as Ike and I did.  His life had certainly changed with adding 2 brothers in 2 years, but we loved him so very much.  I know the Lord has plans for all things including Buster.  He brought him to our lives for a period of time I could not have made it without him.  I am thankful for that time.  He will certainly be missed.