Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bachelor

OK...So I have mentioned in past blogs that Ike and I rarely ever watch TV...however since we have discovered the world of DVR we seem to watch ALOT of TV!!! I guess bc it doesn't require as much time and it can be on our time schedule. I mean American Idol is 30 min without commercials. So now we don't like to watch anything at its airing time. One of the shows we have started to watch is the bachelor (thanks to Jenifer)...It is sooo much fun to watch it with Ike to hear his opinions on the girls. He is so funny... So our favorite is Melissa. She is too cute and seems funny and down to earth! But you never know that could change this week! I am proud of Ike he really does base it on their attitudes and personality traits!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Congrats to the Townsends!

Over the Holiday Clint Townsend and Lauren Steed got married! They had a BEAUTIFUL wedding, and her grandfather married them which was really neat! They also had such fun food at the reception everything you could imagine sweet potatoes, milk shakes, pasta, shrimp and grits....It was amazing! :) Even Santa made a visit! Congrats you guys! We loved the wedding!

Happy New Year....a little late!

After Christmas things only got more busy for us....Aunt Iris, Cousin Joshua, Rose, and Chris all came to visit! I think Ike and I were both alittle depressed to see them all go home! We had so much fun playing games, eating Ms. Susie's food, and just hanging out. I don't have alot of pictures during their visit but maybe Ms. Susie will share and I can add some later.
Me, Ike, Rose, and Chris went to the Walker's for our annual bonfire to ring in the new year. It was different this year but Ike and I agree that it was exactly what we needed and was just as fun as ever!

We made them all!!!

Some how Ike and I made all the Christmas events we were suppose to attend! It started Tuesday night we went and celebrated with my mom's family, then back at our house we had our own Christmas...just the two of us, Christmas eve we went to my parents and his parents to have Christmas with our immediate families, then around 10:30 pm we made it to my dad's family Christmas alittle late but people were still around, then Christmas day we went to Carthage and had Christmas with Ms. Susie's family and still made it back to Columbus in time to go to my mom's family one more time! It was soooooo busy but we really enjoyed every minute of it!! Both of our families were so good to us. We love you guys!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas 2008

Ike and I had a wonderful Christmas! We got spend time with both of our families! We even got to have alittle time to have our own special Christmas just the two of us. Ike is so good to me. Every year we say no presents this year, but Ike can never do it! This year he got me a jewelry armoire and Sapphire necklace. He likes to get me a real piece of jewelry every year. He is so thoughtful! He also got me clothes and perfume! My sweet Husband!
This is one of Ike's presents....He has his own office so he must have a name plate! :)

Christmas Reunion!

In college I had 4 roommates! I know it hard to believe but we were are all extremely close! They called us the number 7 girls (our apt number). We have tried to get together at least a couple of times a year since we graduated...luck has had it that every year since we graduated one of us has gotten married which reunited us, as well as, Christmas visit to our parents. This Christmas 4 of us managed to get together and while we had sooo much fun it is never quite the same with one missing. However, Ike and I did get to have supper with Mike and Emily while they were home visiting her family! I ABSOLUTELY love these girls. When I tell people that I lived in a house of 5 girls in college I often get shocked reactions that we are all friends. We are all so different...that is the only way it worked and we learned to accept and APPRECIATE those differences! The most important thing was that we all had a heart for the Lord. He blessed us with the time at number 7 and I know we will all be friends forever(.....MIKE!)Socks from Jen's Mom!