Monday, June 23, 2014

Almost time.

So it is almost that time!  We have the C-section scheduled! These are just a few notes for me:
- I have basically been pregnant 2 YEARS!!  That is insane 😀
-I have had an extreme case of nesting this time so poor Ike and I have been busy!!!  Ike has been a trooper, and has taken on a ton of projects for me.  I plan to share those soon.  
-I am still stressing about how Brant will take having a baby brother.  He is such a sweet loving boy so I know he will love him.  I can tell he knows something is up because he is extra clingy to me. 
-My emotions have already started getting a bit crazy.  After I had Brant I definitely had some postpartum like issues.  I am hoping that I can avoid that this go around.   

We went to the doctor last week to see Spence and get an estimate of his weight.  They estimated that he weighed around 7lbs 13 ounces.  We even got a sneak peak at him.  Looks just like Brant's 4-d to me...same mouth and sweet cheeks.  

Here is 38 weeks with Spence.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Celebrating Spence

Ike's work had a baby shower for Spence.  We were so excited and thankful for them.  We were not expecting any showers for a second child (especially same gender and sooo close to a first child).  It was a sweet shower, and they really were so thoughtful.  They even had a present for Brant.  

My co-workers also had what they called a "sprinkle" for Spence.  They took us to lunch, gave us a wonderful gift, and my favorite..they brought Gigi's cupcakes Y.U.M.  
Ike and I are so blessed to both work with such wonderful, thoughtful, family oriented people.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pregnancy #2, Week 36

I have done such a terrible job lately of blogging.  I have just not had the energy.  I think about it sit down and just can't.  Just a slump I suppose.  My lack of blogging has definitely showed with my pregnancy updates this time.  I went back to look at the updates from this really.  Terrible.  I thought it was much more so I am guessing I just "thought" those post but they never made it to the blog.  So here goes 36 weeks....

36 weeks

How far along: 36 weeks 

Weight gain/loss: I think I have gained around 35 (but that's not including the 10 I was holding onto from Brant's pregnancy)
Maternity Clothes: YES, and really most of those are getting too small! 
Stretch marks: This is an area I have been lucky with both times.  I haven't had any either time.  
Sleep:  Oh sleep it's terrible!! There is not a comfortable position at this point.
Diet: Nothing in particular.  I have had indigestion so bad this time (not as much heartburn which I had a lot of with Brant...who knew there was a difference)  
Gender: Boy! Spencer Allen
Movement: YES! Spence has been FAR MORE active than Brant.  He is honestly rarely still (which is always reassuring).
The belly: BIG! Like really big.  
What I miss: clothes fitting, running, walking normal, sleep
Symptoms: Indigestion, hips hurting. I have not swollen nearly as much this time which is very nice.  However, I have had MUCH more pressure and back pain.  Maybe this is associated with a baby being head down???
Thoughts:  Ike has been calling me negative Nancy, but I really have not felt very good these past few days.  Like I said more pressure, back pain, indigestion, etc.. have not been fun at all.  I am very aware of how blessed I am to have had such a healthy pregnancy.  This time I am much more realistic about the whole newborn phase.  Last time I had all these "projects" to accomplish, suppers to try fixing, books to read, etc...  I know those things will not happen.  I know I will not be sleeping and I WILL be feeding around the clock.  I think reality is a good thing, and with that I am ready for our little Spence to be here.  I am worried about Brant.  I have heard so many times how much a child even Brant's age loves the new baby so I am hoping he takes him as his and loves him.  We are excited, busy preparing for him, and feel extremely blessed!  We have 3 weeks at most left!!  That is unreal.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Brant's big boy room!

We finally finished up Brant's big boy room, and I was pretty excited with how it turned out.  We have since added a baby bed in the other corner because he is not nearly ready for his big boy bed.