Monday, April 30, 2012

In His time

I debated writing about this, this month, but I think need to.  Someone told me a long time ago to keep a prayer journal so that I can look back at it months or even years later and see how the Lord has answered my prayers because we often forget after they are answered.  All through high school and college I was great at writing these things down.  I have tons of what I call "regular" journals and prayer journals.  I remember right before getting married boxing up my stuff, and reading some of these.  I was amazed at how faithful God had been to my prayers.  The road to these prayers being answered had not all been easy, but He had far exceeded anything I could have imagined.  Some of those prayers I'm still praying today, and I know in His time He will answer those as well.  My point is I wanted to document my feelings to date so that I can look back at this with a smile when the Lord answers...I responded to a friends email and I thought it best said where I am.  I'm copying it below...
Thanks for your email. I totally understand no one knows what to say, and it seems to be an elephant in the room with all of our friends and we hate that. We could not be MORE EXCITED for all of you! Ike and I are very thankful for you guys as well, and we really do take comfort in knowing that so many people are praying for us. We KNOW that the Lord loves us and only has good and perfect plans for us and that is also very reassuring. With all that being said it does take its toll.  I often say my number one defense mechanism is anger. Sad is too hard. So lately I have noticed that I have began being more angry...I'm mad at myself for feeling like I do and I've been mad at God for making me wait. It hasn't helped one single thing for me to feel like this. So I'm moving past it (with His help). I am blessed and the Lord has ALWAYS been faithful to me, and I will not allow the devil to let me doubt Him now. Thank you for being there for us. We love you guys!

 Love, Brandy

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reminiscing and update on mom!

Ms. Susie works for a company called Weyerhaeuser, and they take part in an event here in Jackson called Waterfest.  So she was here for that this past weekend.  Ike and I were able to eat with her and a few of her co-workers which was highly entertaining.  We ate at Bonefish!  This place is special to Ike and I because this where we went for our first date.  So just for fun….
                          6 years later!

Our first date!

My mom came Sunday night, and stayed with us because she had her first check up here.  It was a good checkup.  She is still a ways from back to her normal self, but miles from where she was so we are VERY excited about that.  Ike and I went home a few weeks ago, and she made a big breakfast for us and I could tell then she was getting back to herself.  We are just continuing to pray for healing, and we are so thankful for how far the Lord has brought her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthdays and friends

Ike and I both had great birthday's!  We celebrated Ike's by eating leftovers and watching American Idol.  I think he enjoyed it!   
This year I was out of town on my birthday.  The bureau I work in puts on a conference every year.  I have always attended this conference, but this was my first time to be a part of putting it on.  It was a totally different experience which is a lot more work, but so much fun.  This is mostly due to the fact that I have some awesome co-workers!  We are all in a "birthday club".  We pay 5 dollars a month and then on your birthday you get treated to a meal and gift.  Since my birthday fell during the conference we went out to eat to celebrate.  I loved it! 
Here is all the birthday club members from our bureau (there are a few more BC members that were there but not in this picture).  My birthday was great.  They helped me to enjoy it.  Next year maybe Ike can come down for my birthday too (hint hint, Ike). 
This is what I walked into in my hotel room.  My sweet friend and roomie, Molly had decorated for me!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that on Saturday night we got to hang out with some of our friends from home, the Hindman's and the Davis'.  When we left Ike said his stomach hurt from laughing so much, and this is always the case.  We miss you guys terribly (especially since we have no friends here :))!!  I complained the whole night about not having any friends, and they were a great reminder that in time we will make some new couple friends that we both click with.  This part of moving is tough.  Thanks for a fun night! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Past few weekends

**I am sorry for the crazy spacing blogger will not let me change it!

The weekend before last Ike's mom and little brother came to spend some time with us.  We loved having them there with us.  Ike and I love living here, but we are still adjusting to be so far from our families again.  We tried to fill every second they were there!
Ike and Sam went bike riding while Ms. Susie and I shopped (of course)

Buster was uncooperative. We were in the backyard and he was far more interested in the squirrels

I love this picture and if you know these boys you know what's going on here!
Now this past weekend we went home for a birthday celebration!!!  While we may not have yet been blessed with children of our own children; Josh and Jenifer have been so sweet to allow us to be invovled in their children's lives.  We love our sweet neices.  Mackenzie and I have a special connection we have the same birthday.

Here we are with the birthday Girl! She had a rainbow party that was too cute!

We love these guys!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Story of my life

I know this is a very vain thing, and I know I'm not overweight, BUT I'm uncomfortable. 
When I saw this I found it most amusing!  This is the story of my life lately!  I showed it to Ike, and I said, "does that not sound like me?".  He said, "No, you don't cry, you get mad and throw things!"  SO TRUE!  I can not stand the scale these days!  I know it is my own fault (but I blame the whole pregnancy roller coaster).  Oh well...I find it extremely difficult not to go out to eat for lunch.  Almost everyone in my office goes out to eat, and it's like middle school, I feel left out. :)  AND I really do enjoy working out, but really who has time besides my husband who goes before work.  I have this dream every week that I will get up and go with him...not happened in a long time.  So I'm mostly just venting...I am hoping to do better this week, but let's be honest it's Ike's birthday week so we must celebrate!  Anyhoo...Maybe next week.....

However, in relation to the above.  I did go back to the doctor this month, and we got some good news... NO MORE CYST!  Praise the Lord!  So we were able to start the fertility meds (which I am not sure but I do believe have contributed to the uncomfortable constantly bloated feeling.).  I am trying really hard to just stay relaxed, and remember that these are not a sure thing.  Hopeful, but I'm not guaranteed to be pregnant at the end of the month.  I am trying to be realistic. :)  All of your prayers are welcomed :) 

Monday, April 2, 2012


Welp, Ike FINALLY got his truck.  He has been dying for a truck for many many years.  Before we were engaged and people would ask him when we would get engaged he would always joke that he would have to have his truck and boat before that could happen.  That was 5 years ago… 
He has been looking online for a while.  Saturday we drove around a few car lots then we went home, and he looked online a little more.  He found one online that he thought might be a good deal.  When we got there we were just not thrilled about it.  So we left and went to look some more.  When we saw this truck I think Ike fell in love (I already ask if he loved it more than me, I’m still in the lead for now).  4 hours later (because the keys to the truck were missing, yes I’m serious) we left with this truck.  Ike was so excited; I think he wanted to sleep in it.   Sunday morning he got me up at 6 to go to wal-mart for cleaning supplies.  It was a great weekend, and Ike so deserves this truck.  He has been so patient and responsible, and he really never wants or gets much.  I’m so proud for him.  Hopefully the boat is not toooooo far behind.  And there is plenty of room for a car seat :)