Monday, November 22, 2010

Life lately...

Ike and I finally got to hang out last weekend! We played the entire weekend. Friday night we went to the Mississippi State basketball game. I have to say I enjoyed it. Sporting events have been a major feat for me. At one time these where attended to merely socialize but now that I am actually watching I do enjoy them. Mr. Ira, Ike's dad, is so proud! :)
**My Camera has yet to be charged so all the pictures in the post are from my Iphone, so not great quality.

Then Saturday we went to our friends, the Tucker's little boy's birthday party. He is PRECIOUS!Then Sunday we went out of town just the two of us and spent some much needed quality time together!

This weekend was another work weekend for Ike. His teacher is giving him a test on the Tuesday before thanksgiving, REALLY? But we did break out a little Ike of course had to go hunting Saturday morning with his dad and then Saturday night was our last home game. So we went over for the game and hung out with the Barnette's afterwards. I am sad to see football season coming to an end! :)

Big smiles for halftime! And I must say we lost but we were still smiling at the end! :)We had some yummy soup and smores after the game!!Sunday our sweet friend Renee took our Christmas pictures which I am SUPER excited about! I took this one just to make sure we were camera ready. Ike thought this was necessary can you tell?

Friday, November 5, 2010

A few randoms..

A few weeks ago we snuck away from our house for a few hours. My sister and her husband, Jason had a delicious cook out with some friends and family. We had a blast hanging out with everyone especially this little one! He is soo swweetttt and too cute! No... he did not drink any of this Mt. Dew! :)
A few weeks ago I had to go to Nashville for a few days...I just added this to say I love this place! I am a HUGE country music fan! :) Plus it reminds me of summer trips with the Simons! GOOD times! I loved this little shopping center they had country music playing for your enjoyment as you walk around!
And lastly....Our little Lobster, Buster! Doesn't he look like he loves IT!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next ...

I am SOOO proud! I know I say that alot but if you could see how hard my husband works you would know why! Today I am sooo proud because he got THE job offer, which who doesn't love him!!! So we know where we will be! Now Ike will finish grad school first and sit for the CPA, so he will not actually go to work for the company until next fall! Is that not crazy they hire this far out? But it is nice for us for many reasons! I love this guy to pieces!!!