Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend rewind!

We had a pretty laid back weekend!  Saturday we just hung out at home.  We tried to go to the park Saturday afternoon and Brant started throwing up.  Poor little guy catches every little virus that goes around.  So we watched movies the rest of the afternoon.  Meme and Paw called and said they were coming on Sunday! WOOHOO!  For these two parents who have NO family close by it is so nice when they visit.  We can leave them to go to Sam's (mini vacation for mom and dad) and not feel guilty because we know they are being LOVED on!  Sunday was a beautiful day so we spent most of it outside!
Spence and Meme!  Spence is wet because big brother LOVES to pour water on people!
 The boys and Paw
 I tried to decide which of these to include I liked one of Brant and one of Spence so I went with both!

Monday, March 30, 2015

9 months!

  • Weight: 22lbs 
  • Size: diaper-4 and 9-12 month clothes
  • Still No teeth!  Still no teeth!!!  
  • Sleep usually 7-5.  I am so happy to make it to the 5 am mark, and Saturday until 6 am.  He loves to snuggle in our bed for a while in the mornings.  So does mom and dad!
  • LOVES :  About the same....
    • Brant
    • Nursing- he has become a bit of a distracted nurser..more on nursing later.
    • Daddy
    • Reaching for stuff,busy busy boy! -I put this in BOLD because this is his favorite thing to do!!
    • Snuggling
    • Small little toys.  I have noticed he prefers little things he can hold in his hands and bang together.
    • Crackers
    • Being outside
  • Same-Dislikes: getting dressed and cleaning his face... those are really the only two things that upset him!
  • He is not crawling but he has no trouble getting to something if he wants it.  He can sit up on his own now.  So he pretty much falls forward scoots to sitting over and over till he is where he wants to be.  He can pull up on his own now.  
  • Food:  Loves to eat!  He eats any and everything.  His lack of teeth is not stopping this boy.
  • In the past week we have started taking a little formula.  I started pumping only one a day at work this month.  We used up what I had frozen pretty quickly so last week we started using formula for one feeding a day.  I still nurse in the morning and at night.  I would like to do this until we ween.  Only pumping once a day really helps. 
  • Spence's little personality is growing!  He is still such a sweet, happy boy!   He is very verbal and always let's us know if he needs something.  

wooo...2 beautiful ladies!

Friday, March 27, 2015


 One of the things I pray is that our boys will be close.  I am amazed at how much they already love each other.  Brant really is so good at being a big brother.  He is always concerned about Spence.  He makes sure he has everything he needs.  He takes him toys, gives him water cups, food, HIS (meaning Brant’s) beloved paci if need be.  He is the best at sharing.  I have mentioned before he gives him fruit snacks, but he has started to notice that we are not opening Spence’s so now he will tell us “Open” regarding Spence’s fruit snacks.  Woops.  He always asks where he is.  The other night Spence woke up crying (terrible ear infection) and it woke Brant too.  I went in to settle Brant down, and he was very concerned about his brother.  He was saying “Penth, Penth”… Once I told him I was going to take care of Spence he laid right down…   His name is often the first thing Brant says in the morning.  And Spence just lights up when he sees Brant.  They are both just more content when the other is around.
Now this sounds all rosey, but we definitely have our off days.  Truly though these two are crazy about each other and it makes this mommy very happy!!    

Happy 2nd birthday Brant!

I just cannot believe how fast two years has gone by!  I feel like it was yesterday we were celebrating being pregnant and anxiously awaiting his arrival!
Here he is a big 2 year old! 
His birthday party was Cars themed!  It is still one of his favorites.  He is constantly saying Mater.
It was kind of a surprise party.  Not because we planned it that way, but since he didn't really understand what a party was this year.  He went down for his nap and we decorated the house, and we waited until everyone was there to wake him up.  So he came out to all the decorations and family everywhere.  I think he was pleased.  
Our attempts at a family picture...I sure love this bunch!

Here is Brant with his cousin, Kendall and his best buddy, Gray.  We I decided that we would only have family and Gray this year.  I know that next year Brant will want to invite his buddies, and I thought one more year of family would be good.  When I say just family that still means 25-30 people!
Brant was not in the best of moods for the party.  He just wasn't feeling great!  Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason drove down just for the party!!
Aunt Molly and Spence-a-poo.
Meme and Paw of course!
Brant and Nana!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend review

Friday afternoon I picked Brant up after nap, and we headed to Tupelo for Kyle's baby shower.  He was a great little rider.  Some how we only brought ONE movie and it was only 30 minutes!  There was no way either of us could handle the same one for 3 hours.  So we made a little stop and of course got more snacks, and we were all set!
Doesn't she just look adorable!

Brant stayed with Paw and Uncle Jason...and was up WAY pasted his bed time!  
Here he is playing wheel barrow with Meme.
Breaking in Kyle's toys...

By the time we made it to shop he was done!!  Paw and I tried to take turns but he wore us out.  So Paw's solution was a rug in the buggy...
We headed back Saturday afternoon, and he did great again!  He was perfect the whole trip!  

Spence was back at home with Daddy...I was getting pictures and videos.  Daddy was trying to give me a heart attack.  Spence was standing up and eating Cheetos!!!   

 After Church Sunday...  Poor Spence.

this was almost exactly a year ago...He's a big boy now.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites!

I'm linking up with the Friday favorites!  Here are just a few of mine this week!!
This guy... who keeps me sane.  Right?  At least he keeps me laughing....
These two...
Look at this cubby happy baby!!!
Then our big boy!  I am thankful for teachers that send me pictures to reassure me after we had a rough drop off. 

 Baby Kyle. Excited to celebrate him at shower #2 tonight!

 A 2nd birthday coming up. I'm excited that he will get it more this year.  But CAN NOT believe he will be 2.... How is this possible. 
This was almost a whole year ago..

 WARM weather!  Need I say more.