Friday, May 8, 2009

Disney Day 5

For this day I apologize to Jenifer and Josh! Ike and I had a crazy two weeks leading up to Disney World so we decided to just stay back at the resort Friday. We slept in and then laid at the pool all morning. It was nice to just lay we haven't done that in a while!!! Though I was sad to learn I missed Animal Kingdom! :( That afternoon we decided to take out the two seater bike (that actually have a name, and yes I forgot it). Those were fun although...even though the bike has two steering wheels only Ike has control. Fun! :) No really it was alot of fun!
That night we all headed out to Magic Kingdom for the parade and the fireworks! SO MUCH FUN! If you go to Disney, go to that! It was one of the best things! The parade was awesome all the Disney people and then the fireworks were amazing! The pictures do not do it justice! GO see for yourself if you have not already! Josh and Jenifer, we can not thank you enough for inviting us. We had such a wonderful time and are so glad to have made those memories with you guys. We really enjoyed spending time with Mackenzie too, she is precious....Aunt Bandy and Unk Ike love her! We love you guys too!

Disney Day 4

This day we went to Hollywood studios. We got see Playhouse Mickey live...I don't think any of us saw the show for watching Mackenzie...she absolutely loved it! It was really cute she danced and clapped the whole time! I think she was the perfect age to go! Rockin rollercoaster was next which we all loved. Sorry we didn't get to do it again...Ike got sick he would never admit it but I think Tower of Terror hurt his neck which always gives him a terrible headache! Next time? :) We all really loved the Beauty and the Beast Show! It was one of my favorites! The music and dancing all so great! Then the great movie ride...which was really neat going through all the old movies! I hate we had to leave this park early we missed alot and never did get our picture in front of the hat! :( Later that night Jenifer and Josh had a great idea and were all going to eat at Joe's crab shack. While Mackenzie is taking a bath she stands up and falls and hits her head in the tub. There was immediately a huge goose egg. We were all so worried. Josh tried to call a few people that may know what to do and with no luck he calls the resort and they send over a paramedic. He tells them it is their of course you can't take chances so they head to the ER we all follow them to Celebration hospital...which no Mickie and Minnie were not there, you would think they would be right? Let's just say the ER took their time as usual....poor little Mackenzie 4 hours and 2 CAT scans later we are own our way home with a peace of mind that she is ok! Thank you, Jesus! On the way home we stop at McDonald's after passing the bungee swing from our senior is a little recap. For Senior trip we went to Orlando...Ike and few others bungee swing together. Then I begged Jenifer and Chris Wilkins to go with me...ok finally they agree...we get up there they strap us in and my fear kicks in I freak out and start crying they let me out...thank goodness! So although I really hated that Mackenzie got hurt and the ER was ewww frustrating...I was so thankful that we did not end up at Joe's which was right in front of the swing because I know I would have ended up on it! :)

Day 4--Tower of Terror

Oh my is all I have to say...this ride deserves its own post!! As I mentioned I am terrified of heights, I mean being on a ladder makes me nervous! Ok so all I could think about was getting that ride behind me! I knew I would have to do it, Ike absolutely LOVES those kinds of rides...which he confessed to Josh that he really enjoys watching the people that he rides with most of all...Josh confirmed that he married the right person! OH MY! So let me please describe this event for you....First of all I got alittle sick before entering the ride...nerves! We go in and I'm freaking out! My heart is beating unbelievably fast, I won the pulse test Jenifer did on me and Josh, who is also alittle uneasy about this ride and is scared of heights! In line we are debating seating on the front row which I was completely OPPOSED where do we sit FRONT ROW! EW.. Ok so you go in and there are seats like in a movie theater with seat belts WHAT....were are the things that go over our shoulders???? So I freak out more...I insist that Adam and Ike sit on either side of me...I sit down and there is not a thing for me to hold on to...I grab Ike's hand (which is still recovering) and ask Adam if he thinks Samantha will mind if I borrow his arm, (thanks Samantha)...he said she wouldn't and that he was alittle scared too.... Ok the ride starts I am prepared for up and down...not what happens...sorry to spoil it for those of you have not been on it...but it takes you on a little ride before it DROPS YOU MULTIPLE TIMES! The whole time I am holding on to Ike and Adam for dear life and screaming to the top of my lungs! Then I yell that I hate Ike (as loud as I can) and then Josh says, "I hate you too, Ike", and Adam is going "oh man, oh man..." We got off and the picture was priceless! Ike and Jenifer are laughing their heads off and we will not report on the rest of us! Fun times! :)

Disney Day 3

Day three we went to Magic Kingdom. As a little girl I absolutely LOVED Cinderella. I ask my parents to read this to me every single night...I was so excited to learn that Mackenzie loved her just as much! I could not wait to see her castle!!! I get excited just writing about it! It was just as lovely as I imagined! Below is me first seeing the castle!!!! thank you Josh for capturing this moment! :)Magic Kingdom was so neat. It really did make you feel like a little kid again. There was a parade, I can't for the life of me remember the name (I'm sure Jenifer will remember for her blog) but we loved it. We got to get in the streets with all the characters and dance. I do remember they were playing the song "It's the time of your life". SO FUN! Of funny story I bet Jenifer tells it too....We saw Cinderella's step mother and sisters...they were taking pictures with people. So Josh and Jenifer were going to let Mackenzie have her picture made. NO WAY was she having it. She held on so tight to me and started saying, "NO, Mean lady!!!". It was nuts she recognized them and remembered! Magic Kingdom had lots of fun things the Bear show (I'm terrible with names), Splash Mountian, Mickie and Minnie's house! Unfortunely Space Mountian was closed till Winter boo...I hear it is good too. We also got some excellent hot dogs that day ...and ice cream! OH and best of all I got to meet Cinderella and Mackenize and I got our pictures made with her! Aurora and Belle were there too of course! :) Fun fun fun day! That night was good.. we ate at the resort and went out to the pool. Jenifer didn't pack her swim suit no plans of swimming...haha and it was too cold for me. The boys and the babies didn't seem to mind! Then we headed back to the hotel...Jenifer, Josh, and Mackenzie stayed up to watch the piano player, but Ike and I are old so we headed to bed. Something is wrong with us we are tired all the time...maybe we will start taking vitamins!

The babies swimming!

Disney Day 2..

The second day we went Animal Kingdom! I love love love Animal Kingdom. We started off with the Dinosaur ride...interesting ride! Then the boys ran to grab some fast passes to Everest. Jenifer, Mackenzie, and I headed over to an area that looked like a little fair. We all three rode this ride that is a dinosaur you sit in and it goes around in a circle and you go up in the air and down again and the car tilts forward and back, and you control this. I have to admit I was little scared at first (I don't like heights), but Mackenzie seemed to love it! After that Ike and I rode Everest which is a new roller coaster there! We both really liked this roller coaster...probably one of my favorites ever! Then we meet up and went to lunch and the Lion King show which was really neat! I loved the music! It was fun watching Mackenzie do the the little tusk for the wart hog! too cute! Then Ike and I got to take Mackenzie to"A Bug's Life" which is like a little 3-d show...she liked it all except at one point your seat squirts water at you...Let's just say we agreed that was not necessary!We also did the safari ride which I think we all really liked! It is amazing how close you get to the animals. So to finish off the day, Ike, and Josh head over to the Kali river ride....I have never gotten so wet on a ride in my life. I will say though it was worth it I really liked this ride! BUT do it last! That night we meet up with Adam, Samantha, and Kolton Bragg. They were Jenifer and Josh's friends in Valdosta. They are super sweet! Ike and I both really enjoyed spending time with them and getting to play with Kolton!

Disney Day 1

*Some Pictures will be repeats from Jenifer's Blog ...sorry:) Sunday after the wedding we loaded up with the Jones' and headed to Disney World! We drove over night (ok really Josh and Ike, Jenifer, and Mackenzie slept!). We got there about 7ish Monday morning. That day we decided to go to Epcot. Josh and Ike (and me sort of :)) were still recovering alittle from the drive so we did not see all of Epcot BUT we did get to have our pictures made with some of the characters which was really fun! Mackenzie was the most fun to watch! She went up and hugged on the characters as long as her mom and dad were close! Minnie just loved her and her clothes!! Ike was like are you seriously going to make me take a picture with all these characters...OF COURSE i was! I know he secertly loved it! Below... I love this haha...Donald wanted Ike to get out so he could have a picture with just me..
However...Goofy loved Ike and above he kicked me with that big ol' shoe! :)

We learned that day that Disney was trying to be a "healthier Disney"... me and Jenifer ended up with breakfast leftovers...YUCK. I think it must have just been Epcot because every other park had all the hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza we wanted! My favorite thing at Epcot was probably the trip through the big golf ball (or meeting the characters). I thought that was really neat. We didn't make it to the countries or the coke place, maybe next time! I think I would like those.
So we left Epcot alittle early, I forgot to mention it was alittle rainy too, we decided to go back to the resort take a nap (sorry Jenifer!)... This is Mackenzie seeing "Meno"...Ike loved hearing her say that!
That night we headed to Downtown Disney. The resort we stayed at had a boat that came to pick us up and would take us to Downtown. I loved the boat! I also really like Downtown Disney! It is such a fun atmosphere! We walked around to all the shops and ate supper (never been so happy to have McDonalds) fun!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So as most of you know we just recently got back from Disney World with the Jones' Family! We are so thankful for the chance to go and spend time with them! The Disney World post are coming I promise just may take me a little while. But I thought this was the appropriate post to start out those... Ike and I are so lucky to have been able to be so close to Mackenzie! She is such a precious child (must have good parents)! She does and says the funniest things and is such an animated child! While we all loved Disney World I think mostly we LOVED seeing Mackenzie! In line at Disney a lady ask if I was her aunt...such a proud moment for me...I just smiled and said, "yes I am". Thank you Jenifer and Josh for letting us be Unk Ike and Aunt Bandy :)