Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last few weeks in bullets...

My SIS is a NURSE!  We could not be more proud of her!  She graduated and passed the NCLEX!!!!

our family at graduation
Me with the new nurse!

We MOVED! (and got new furniture!) This was an adventure!  It still all seems like a big blur we had known for quite some time that we would be moving but I do not think it had actually sunk in.  We ended up renting a house from Ike's cousin.  This was such a blessing because we can go month to month on the lease.  The original thought was we would rent for 3-6 months, and then we would buy a house.  We LOVE the house and the area though and would be fine with staying for longer than that!  We were able to lease out our house, another blessing!  and We got new furniture!  We had decided not to move our old living room furniture.  Ike had this from before we were married.  It has been good to us but it was time for something new.  So the first week was spent looking for furniture.  It was so FUN!  We have never made a "big" purchase like this together.  Our ideas for what to get were completely opposite.  Ike's requirements: Big, very comfortable, reclines, not hot, and of course a good deal.  My requirements: CUTE!  Coming to a compromise was interesting!  My accountant husband took us to every furniture store in the area (luckily we took a week off)!  We both ended up with what we wanted (after a few girly pillows that is).  This week was so MUCH fun!  We NEVER take off to stay at home so it was kinda nice. 

My sister moved!  They helped us move on Saturday, and we all went back to Columbus to move them on Sunday.  They bought a super cute house!  We are very excited for them!
The moving team!  :)

We started new jobs!  and loving them!

Two work trips already.  One to Washington D.C. and the other to Olive Branch, MS.  These were both very informative, but my favorite part was the people I got visit!  In D.C. I was able to visit Aunt Iris and the Szabo's.  Then while I was in Olive Branch I got to visit Meghan and Baxter!  Baxter and I are now best friends too!
We had a surprise party for Ike's graduation! We have been planning this party for MONTHS! Ike did not walk in undergrad and had decided that since he was finishing in the summer he wouldn't walk in grad school either. This made me sad, so I wanted to celebrate somehow. Why not a party! I am horrible at keeping secrets from Ike but I did it! Rose and Chris came to visit so that was our excuse for going to Columbus. Ike even made comments about what a short time Rose and Chris were staying. He had no idea it was for his party! The day of the party was Chris's birthday so he thought we were going to be celebrating that. It was great, and turned out wonderful! I am so thankful for Molly, Ms. Susie, and Rose for all they did to make it happen! Thanks to all our friends and family that came! It meant so much to Ike (and me)
I'm so proud!
Sweet girls!
It says MBA but it's MPA oh well close enough! 

Molly came to visit and we saw The Help which I LOVE!!  A few years ago Molly and I went on a trip to California, and she started reading The Help.  I'm a love story with a little mystery kind of girl so at first I was like nah about reading it.  I am so glad she kept encouraging it.  It is wonderful, and I'm a Mississippian so that makes it even better!  Anyway, we had decided before I moved that we would go together to see it.  She came Friday night snd the three of us went to eat and to see it!  Molly is such a precious friend.  We really enjoyed her visit!

We were able to babysit for Connie and Derrick.  We love these 3 little children!  When we lived in Columbus they lived about an hour away, and we are so glad that they moved a week before us to a place about an hour away from where we live now!  God is good!  We had a blast with the kids!