Thursday, January 14, 2016

Leading up to Christmas

Leading up to Christmas I felt like we were so super busy.  One of the things we did was take Brant to his first movie.  Aunt Mols got Brant Disney on Ice tickets but it didn't workout so we did this instead.  His first movie was The Good Dinosaur, and he loved it.  He didn't move the entire movie and ate an unbelievable amount of popcorn!!

We went to see Santa, and these guys thought he was great!  Are they cute or what??!!
the computer messed up right as they got in his lap, but they were so good and sat there sweetly the whole time...
We went to watch Polar Express outside with our lifegroup!  One of my favorite activities!

Lot of Christmas PJ's which I love!

Learned how to seesaw!

And then RSV struck.....

And we just prayed no one else would get it!

Friday, January 8, 2016


A quick Thanksgiving recap....
The weekend before Thanksgiving we went to Carthage and celebrated with Ike's extended family
I love going to Carthage.  It's a lot like were I grew up and I really feel at home with everyone there.
The boys with their cousins...

We spent Thanksgiving with my family at my sisters.  These guys were in heaven.
 Then we headed to have Thanksgiving with the Andrews'.  The boys "rode" the deer at Nana and Granddaddies' while daddy went hunting.

Then to conclude the holidays we went to the Egg Bowl.  Not much to say about that.....