Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rose and Chris get MARRIED!

Rose and Chris had a beautiful wedding! Rose, of course was such a gorgeous bride! The wedding was so sweet with lots of special touches.
Funny moment Rose had planned to sing to Chris during the wedding...well it was to be a suprise so of course we didn't practice that part... well Uncle Tommy got alittle confused on where during the ceremony she was singing...so he looks at me and tells me it is time for Rose to sing so I tell her serveral times ..."sing!" She keeps looking at me funny finally she says, "I can't that is Ava Maria" and she was singing Shine on us....of course she couldn't sing to the wrong music! Oh gosh! but it all worked out beautiful.

Angie Atkins did all the flowers and food...it was so nice not have to worry (especially for Mrs. Susie) about anything! We highly recommend her! It was so nice to get to visit with family and friends. I just wanted to share a few pictures...

***I am looking for a picture of just Rose and Chris I will find it and post it later***