Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

Just thought it would be fun to link up for 5 on Friday!  Here are 5 of Brant's highlights lately.

1- Brant pretty much slept through the night last night! Praise the Lord, seriously answered prayer! I had to go in once put the paci back in and he was out again. Hoping this wasn't a fluke because of number 2....

2- Shots were yesterday. Yuck! Luckily, Ike is the best daddy and husband ever, and came with us. He has to hold him while I hide in the corner. Brant is 70th in weight at a 15lbs 11oz, 75th for height at 25 1/2 inches long, and 40th for head circumference.

3- We are so excited to have this laughter in our house. Ignore that insane sound coming from me to get these sounds from my child. It is crazy the extent you will go to hear this...

4- The moving has began, not that you can tell from video below.. I put him down for a little tummy time on the floor while I went to get something in my room, came back and he had flipped over. I was so excited and did a little happy dance. Then did what all mothers do I'm sure...flipped him back to see if he could do it again. He did! YAY! So I run to grab my phone so we can video it for daddy and the rest of the family. I get this...
of course.

5- We tried rice cereal not sure he's quite ready.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life lately..

Look at that sweet little face!  Who would guess that little man could possibly still be getting up SEVERAL times a night!  It varies from night to night.  That is one of the hardest parts for this mom.  I find myself stressing as to how many times he might get up.  I know this is my fault I don't have him on a consistent routine.  It's hard since Ike and I are both working and it already seems our time during the week with him is so limited.  BUT starting tonight...we are going to start a bed time routine.  He almost always wakes up around midnight so I feel certain he may still need that feeding, and I'm ok with that.  Lately he has also been waking up around 3-4, and then refuses to eat around 6:30 when it is time to eat before school.  That makes me feel like he could skip that 3-4 feeding for sure.  There are some nights he is up more often than that.  Something has to give.  Mom and dad are very sleep deprived.  I absolutely HATE the cry it out method.  Ike has been encouraging that from the beginning, but I keep saying he is to little for that.  I think I may have to start trying it.  I have heard these horror stories (in my opinion) of kids who don't sleep through the night for years! 

I am so thankful for Brant, and I told him this morning if he NEEDS me to get up 5 times a night with him till he moves out of our house I will.  However, I feel like this is not good for him either so I want us to all do better.  This is in no way a complaint.  It's just where we are right now.  I want to be able to look back on this for future children and remember the wonderful days as well as the difficult times.  AND if anyone has any words of wisdom feel free to share.  I am always open to suggestions.

We did have a great weekend.  Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason came to visit...  Brant loves these two so much already!  They always come with gifts (which we tell them not to!)  Between showers, Amanda and Jason, Nana, and Mimi and Papaw we have not bought one single diaper or wipe for this little guy!  Shew, we are blessed!

We took this picture on Saturday (July 20th).  What's the significance of that?  After YEARS of prayers and heart ache...  It was exactly one year ago that we found out we were expecting this sweet little miracle!  I am amazed how much can change in a year, and just how perfect the Lord's timing is for us. 
Brant, we feel so blessed to have you in our lives.  We feel honored that the Lord chose us to be your parents.  You are the sweetest thing and have brought us so much joy!!  We love you more than you could ever know.

Monday, July 22, 2013

4 months already?

Brant is 4 months old!!!  How did this happen!!??  He really is getting so big!  It doesn't really register unless I look back at older pictures.  He is going to be Mr. Personality for sure. The child is FULL of personality.
Look how strong!

He absolutely loves being naked!

This happened...
 AND this... 
 All because I put clothes on him!  He is quick to let you know how he feels about things.  Not sure where he gets that. 
He loved getting to visit with Mrs. Angela.  She got several smiles.

Ike and I have both noticed that Brant seems to be well liked at daycare.  Our daycare has cameras you can log in and check on the babies during the day.  Last week I checked on him twice and BOTH times...Being held....

 He really is the sweetest baby!
 I love these.  He started slowly falling over, but refused to take his eyes off the camera.

Bath time is still a huge hit!  He has learned to kick.  Mommy may have gotten SOAKED a few times lately.
He has had this rash on his neck lately.  I'm not sure what is going here.  Maybe his collars irritate him?  He doesn't seem phased by it, but it drives me nuts! 
The talking has began!  I love it.  He is especially talkative in the mornings.  He is a morning person for sure, and NOT an afternoon person.  I'm going to have to figure something out.  Lately by the time Ike gets home Brant has done his max time awake and is uncontrollably fussy.  It makes for a very difficult afternoon.
We are having a few hair issues...
 Bless him :)
He has found and loves his feet!
Like I said personality, personality!
He has laughed out loud a few times, but nothing consistent.  I can't wait for that! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Columbus Crew

This weekend we had our annual Columbus Crew get together.  The crew has definitely grown!  You can take a look back at the years before 2011 and 2010.  Somehow we totally missed 2012?!   We all went to eat because A LOT of babies were on the way that year.  Thank you soo much to the Townsend's for hosting it at their new beautiful home!! 
Brant's first time swimming.  He LOVED it even though the water was freezing!  He didn't seem to mind a bit!

I didn't do so great capturing's what I did get....

Meeting Mr. Tripp!
A picture with Mr. Rob (Brant, this maybe the only one you ever get)
Ike and Brecken
Becky and Tripp
The sweet Bell family!
Friendships being made!
The Mommies!
The Daddies!
Sweet Brecken!
 The Carter's!  Brant loved them (like all the other babies)

4th of July and more...

This weekend was EXTRA special because Brant got to meet more of the family.  Aunt Iris is Ike's VERY favorite person so he was so excited to introduce her to Brant. 
Hanging out with Granddaddy!

Chatting with Brant!

Papaw and Mimi came to eat lunch for the 4th of July!
 Ready for Lunch!

 Brant's first 4th of July!!

More weekend happenings...
 Eating lunch with Papaw, Mimi, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Amanda!  Happy boy!

Celebrating Taylor Grace

Meeting Crystal and Calee

 Spending a little time with Mimi and Papaw
Visiting with Mamaw
More time with Aunt Iris, Marinda, and Debbie.  Brant really took to Marinda and Deb!  I am so glad they all came to visit.  I am sad we didn't get to spend more time with them.  I am already looking forward to seeing them again soon.
He is not in a good mood here can you tell?  Look at aunt Iris's face! 

***Nana was there for the weekend.  However she is usually behind the camera!  I'm going to work on this!