Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding time and Funny story...well maybe!

I don't think I have even blogged about this at all BUT Ike's little sister/one of my best friends, Rose is getting married April 18. We are all so excited to have Chris join the family. He is perfect for Rose...very laid back! Rose and Chris will be having a private wedding with family and a few friends this is because they are getting married in a small church in Caledonia that their grandparents grew up in (this is where Ike proposed). Then a public reception at the Lee home in Columbus. So we have been busy busy getting the church ready for the wedding. It is really a beautiful place to get married. We can't wait!

So this past weekend we spent at the Andrews' house getting ready for all the guest that will be staying there. Funny story... But I am afraid you had to be there or know Mr. Ira. Ms. Susie and I had been cleaning the head boards of the beds and the base boards. Ms. Susie had shown me in the garage there were three plastic bags full of socks. She said use those to clean with...they are old. So we had both used a good bit of the socks in the bags when Mr. Ira notices...He says, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, THOSE ARE MY SOCKS!!!!" Apparently that is where he stores his socks! We had been using his good socks to clean!!!! I could not help myself I died out laughing and so did Ms. Susie!!! To top it off he had laid a pair near Buster's cage and he had pulled them into the cage and peed on them. SO FUNNY! Sorry if it was a had to be there thing...I am still laughing!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I wanted to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary!! These two are such amazing people!! I know I am so blessed that they are my parents! Ike and I love you guys and hope you have the best day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Luckiest girl....

I have to tell you I feel like the luckiest girl ever being married to Ike! He is such a wonderful husband!! He really does everything in his power to make me happy! As you read in the blogs before I had to be at a training all last week! When I left last Sunday I left the house a wreak. When I returned today it was CLEAN! and ALL the laundry was done! And I found the flowers and card below..which was Ike telling me he missed me this past week! I had to take a minute to brag on him! It was amazing to just get to sit (and blog) this afternoon with nothing hanging over my head to be done! He is wonderful!!! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Forgot to add....

This is one of 3 weeks we are required to spend here!!!!!!!!! YEA.........


Please someone come and rescue me and my co-worker/friend Molly. We are in Meridian this week for a training at a Navy Base. We are even eating at the galley...we only eat the salads! We did leave last night to get flip flops for Molly, there is a layer of "something" on the "carpet" (I use the word the word losely)....needless to say we are not impressed! The training is not bad...BUT we were forced to leave our homes and family Sunday night for the WHOLE week! YUCK! We did not sign up for this...I mean REALLY??? Ike says I'm a baby....I'm working on it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

44 Days till.....

A few weeks ago Jenifer told us that they were going to Disney world....Then they ask us to go with them! Ike had already turned in his vacation and Ike's sister, Rose is getting married the Saturday before and I can't be off 6 days in a row so we had kinda written it off as not possible. Jenifer on the other hand still had hope...and boy are we glad! Ike was able to change his vacation and we worked it out were I will be able to be involved in all of Rose activities but not take off any. Thank you, Rose for being so sweet and understanding! So there you have it we are all heading to Disney World for a week...Let the count down begin! 44 Days!