Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our new friend

Monday when we went to Jackson with Ike's ensemble we made a stop at Target (and Ross...we stop at all Ross, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx). At target we bought 50 dollars worth of stuff ALL for Buster. One of the things we got him was this thing I guess hunters use to train their dogs. We just thought it would be funny to watch Buster, and it was worth every penny! Buster loves it...we say, "go get your friend" and he runs and finds it. We had been talking about how nice it would be if he had another dog to play with, this is our short term solution. Anyway this little thing makes this squeaking noise and Buster loves it he goes around the house making do it which I am getting used to....but here is my problem with now sleeps with us think the bed is getting alittle full!!! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy busy!

I know I left everyone hanging on the painting of the's the thing it is not finished. We have a habit of taking on too many projects at a time. We are actually done with the brown but not the trim which has to be painted white like our cabinets. The trim is currently off white which really just looks dirty next to our cabinets that are white white! So anyway it has been crazy Ike has been fighting sickness for a couple of weeks. After 2 doctor visits and 6 different medications...he's recovering still not 100%. Also a couple of weeks ago we ordered a shed which we are SOOOO EXCITED was like getting a new bike as a kid we were so happy! :) So we started the process of moving things out to it (or Ike did I should say)..this weekend, while I was gone and had the opportunity to lead a small group for a friend. This week has been just as busy! Ike is singing in an ensemble at Fairveiw which I am so excited about I know he has missed singing. So Monday this group sang down in Clinton. It was alot of fun... the group has lots of really nice people which I loved meeting and some great wives (Ms. Donna). Anyway I say all that to tell you things have been crazy in our personal lives not to mention work....
I have been waiting to share this with all of you...Ike got a promotion at the bank. YAH! He started at the bank last September when we moved back here. He started as a part-time teller. He quickly moved to full-time but I don't think he had plans of staying after he finished his degree but he has found that he really likes the bank. It fits him. So for the whole year he has been working full-time and going to school I don't know how he does it. So anyway he has now been promoted to New Accounts...I'm so excited and proud for him! He really is a HARD worker and very dedicated to his job, and most of all he doesn't care what that is it could be scrubbing floors and he would still give it all he has! I like to watch him sometimes at the bank he is great with customers! Anyway...just bragging on him a little cause I am soo proud!
So I think that just about catches you all up. Maybe I will have pictures of my kitchen soon!

I read back over this I know I said EXCITED alot but God has just blessed me and I am indeed EXCITED! If you know me you can imagine what this looks like! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back here again!

So somehow we are back here....again...
As most of you that read our blog know we painted our kitchen shortly after we were married. We have these great blue and brown dishes so I insisted we have that blue on the walls. BIG MISTAKE! So Ike and I have hated them the whole 4 months they have been blue! So Monday Ike was off and he got the project started! I forgot what a mess it is! Just getting around the kitchen is an ordeal...So hopefully by next week I will have new pictures to show you all of our brownish colored walls and my kitchen will hopefully be back in order! I am just thankful that I love the white cabinets cause I'm afriad they would have to stay regardless!

Pumpkin patch

This past weekend I went the pumpkin patch twice. Saturday I went with Josh, Jenifer, Ms. Mickie, and Mackenzie and then on Sunday I babysat Lainey and took her. I love the pumpkin patch and being outside this time of year! Derrick, Connie's husband, ask me when we wanted one (a child that is)...why have one yet when there are so many great friends that share their beautiful children with me...thanks guys! Here are some of the pictures from my two visits!

I LOVE this she hates for her hands to be dirty!

Lainey loved the corn or sand as she called it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenifer!

Jenifer and I have been best friends since the 5th grade. No matter where life has taken us we have managed to keep our friendship as strong as ever! AND TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! So everyone stop by and tell her happy birthday!! You're the best, Jenifer. Hope you have a great day!! Me, Jenifer, and Mackenzie on my wedding day! :)

Adventures of Ike and Brandy

I think I should re-name my blog to the adventures of newly weds. That is what it is the first year (maybe longer)... So you guessed it here comes yet another newly wed story! Last night Ike got a wild hair and decided to shave his head. I tried to help but last time I tried it turned out really ugly. Side story of course I always have one of those---We lived in Augusta and were working 2 jobs. One was at Applebee's. So after my day job I went to meet Ike to go to work... Ike had just shaved his head and wanted me to trim up the bottom and around the ears. Somehow I missed the bottom and around the ears part and started to shave his whole head....well as you probably guard was on OOPSS! He was not happy to put it lightly. Anyway back to last night. So we get his head shaved and he gets in the shower. Well there were dishes to be done so I call my mom and start doing them. Well APPARENTLY turning on the sink (as well as the dish washer and washing machine...I've done those two already) causes the water to be cold. So Ike yells to tell me... well I hear him so I turn it off but I don't answer cause I'm on the phone so he assumes I didn't hear and turns up the warm...well then it scalded him!! He starts yelling and beating on the wall. Well then I yell to tell him I turned it off. My mom was like what in the world is going was great! Then when he gets out of the shower he hurries to fuss at me...I point to the phone and say it's my mom...he just walked away. It was soooo funny (later of course). I apologized...It's a learning process right?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Boys!

I just love my boys! In case you all didn't know that! I just wanted to share a few pics of the boys!Buster loves his daddy!

Weekends are the best!

Saturday morning Ike and Buster wake me up at 8am (what they call sleeping in)...and for those of you wondering Ike won and Buster is back in the bed. He has his own special blanket at the end of the bed and so far has done well with it...even though I still don't like it! Anyway Ike says we need to go to the grocery store so we get up and go have breakfast at McDonald's (which I don't suggest on a Saturday morning). We had to hurry and eat and get out of there Ike said it was making him nervous haha! Anyway we head over to Walmart to buy groceries and after we get a few groceries in our buggy and we remember we need iron cleaner so we head over to the irons (which is not over there by the way, it's with starch). On the way we pass the fall stuff and Ike says, "Show me this wreath you keep talking about." So I take him over and show him and he hates it, but agrees to help me put together some fall decorations for the house. So we put everything back out of our buggy and head to every store in Columbus to be sure we are getting the BEST fall decorations! We spent the whole day was such a fun day! I ended up with a beautiful fall table and a CUTE wreath! My mom had brought me some pumpkins so I added them to the decorations! Ike did a great job. (Pictures below!) We get home and get everything in place and I am immediately like who can we invite over! :) He said he knew that was anyone who would like to can visit hehe! I love married life...
To add to my love for it I will share how our monday got started...I washed laundry on Sunday because we were out all saturday (which apparently I could do during the week). Well we don't dry very much so Ike pants for work (yes, all of them) were damp. So he goes to put them in dryer...what he finds is that I just put wet towels in there. I had forgotten about them the night before and remembered as soon as I woke up and hurried to throw them in there before they don't "spoil" as Ike says! He was sooooo mad that he had to take out "the soaking wet towels" to dry his pants! Then I was mad because I felt he didn't appreciate that I had done his laundry to begin Ms. Mickie said we are learning to pick our battles...Oh the fun of married life and I mean that 100% it is so fun even times like that! Ike makes me laugh so much!!!


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