Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Easter bunny came...

Here is our little family on Easter! 

Nana was here for Easter.

This is the boys at the egg hunt before church.  You won't see baskets with our boys...because I forgot them.  Ike had a solo on Easter so he went to church early.  Luckily, Nana was there to help, but Sunday mornings are the hardest.  I think because we don't just get dressed and leave.  We have breakfast, AND the boys are awake while I'm getting ready.  Anyway..all that to say we forgot the baskets.  Ike was waiting for us.  His response was it's fine you are late for the egg hunt anyway in the sweetest most sincere tone.  Like that should console me. HA!  Welcome to our world. 

Spence's first Easter was great.  He loves plastic eggs just like his brother.

After lunch Spence decided that today which was Easter and Ike's Birthday (more on that later) was a great day to start crawling.  Happy birthday Daddy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kid fest!

We learned that our little town has an event called Kidfest every year at the park that we love so much.  I was so pumped about taking the boys.  They had a variety of activities.  I just knew Brant would love it, and we were glad Nana could go with us!  

They had a sea lion show!

Spence and Daddy!

Probably one of Brant's favorite things was the bubble pools

Or maybe the Carousel... 

Then we had nachos and funnel cake for lunch!  I love some fair food!

Such a good daddy!

Then just to be sure they were good and worn out we went over to the playground.  
Sweet brothers!

The Easter bunny was there too.  I thought Brant would freak out, but not at all!  He wanted to touch him.  Spence was just all smiles!

This was Spence on the way home.  I would say we were successful in wearing them out.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Show and tell

Ike and I LOVE to travel.  We spend a lot of our travels visiting family/friends.  A few years ago (I guess really like 4 years, wow time flies)  we went on a cruise just the two of us.  Other than our honeymoon we had never traveled alone.  We always traveled to see family/friends or with family/friends so this was really nice!  It was the most relaxing trip I have ever been on!  There was no agenda to follow.  We could do as much or as little as we wanted.  It was perfect!  

I am looking forward to many, many trips to come!  I can't wait to travel with the boys too!  I know we will love making memories with them.  But I will always look forward to trips when I can have this guy all to myself!

Just for fun...I was thinking I wonder what Ike would say was his favorite trip ever...I would guess hands down it was a ski trip we went on with a group of friends while we were dating.  I will have to confirm this.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brant- 24 months

Brant is two!  How is that real?!  Look at him....Such a big boy!  He loves to brush his teeth.

He's a mommy's baby right now.  I'm soaking it up I know it is time limited!

 He's an extremely picky eater.  Definitely a texture guy!  And doesn't mind spitting things out.

 This picture is priceless!  Ike and I were back in the boy's room going through their clothes, and Brant brings back a hand full of cereal.  I had given him a bowl earlier so I assumed it was from that.  Later Ike says, uh BRANDY!!...and this is what we found.  I mean the outfit alone is funny.  A WAY too little Mater shirt, no pants, and one sock.  This child is something else!
 This is the "Brandy look"as Ike so kindly refers to it!

The Thursday before his birthday they called us to come and pick him up.  Poor guy was burning up.  My only guess if he was teething.  He was pitiful.

 He loves pointing out body parts.  Daddy, eyes.

Sweet big boy.

 He LOVES Mickey Mouse or "dog" as he calls it.

Goodness gracious We love this boy!!!