Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Fall!

So maybe it is because I am getting older or something but I am loving this time of year. I have never really noticed fall before it sort of went with summer to me! But this year I seem to appreciate it more! I want to decorate my house with mums,pumpkins, a fall WREATH (Ike doesn't want a wreath), and I want to change out the place mats to fall ones...which has lead to our newest project. Re-painting the kitchen...We hate the blue..pretty much have since the day we painted but now even more. We are hoping to have it repainted by December so I can decorate for Christmas and everything won't clash with the horrible walls. Anyway today my sweet mama took me and my sister to lunch and we ate outside and it hit me how great the weather is...which makes it so nice to be outside. There also seems like more to do... I am just dying to go to the MS State fair...I got to work on Ike!! Anyway just wanted to share my new found love for fall!! Hope you are all enjoying it!

What a weekend!

I realized that I had forgotten to blog that Rose is getting married! She will be married in April. We are all soooo excited!! So Friday afternoon I met Ms. Susie, Ms. Angela, and Ms. Angie Atkins at the church that Rose will be getting married in. It is fun to help with Rose's wedding I wish she could be here too! BUT Ms. Susie, Ms. Angela, and I all going to visit Rose for thanksgiving and I can not wait! I will miss mine and Ike's first married thanksgiving together but he is so glad we get to go see Rose...sweet boy! All the Andrews boys home alone hmmmm...
So Friday night Ike and I go to the track in Caledonia which is really nice not to be a trader to my New Hope roots but I like Caledonia alot. It has that small community feeling to it. Anyway we went to the track to run. I like to try to run but the most I have ever ran in one day is 2 miles until Friday. Ike decides we are going to go 10 miles so we did (so actually we walked, one ran one which means we actually only ran 5 miles and walked the other 5). It was hard at the end but I DID IT!! I was so proud and so was Ike! :) Ike is good at running and is very encouraging of me so it is nice to have him helping me. It was funny he said in the middle of the run to encourage me, "hey, if you do it, you can blog it" HAHA!! He knows I would have to! Then Saturday and Saturday night we hung out with the Jones'. Jenifer's birthday is in 9 days counting today and every year she likes to go this one particular race (Magnolia 100..I'm pretty sure) as a part of it. So Ike and I went and so did Paula and Ethan. Ethan was so into it. It was alot of fun even though we had to leave just alittle early which is apparently unexceptable...We stood up to leave and tell our friends bye and everyone around us attacked us....WHAT you are leaving? It was soo funny! Race fans are serious!
Then Sunday Ike and Jason helped my dad put up a fence so I got to spend the day with my mom and sister! It was really a great weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh my!!!

So what is the deal you get married and all of the sudden everyone that you see must ask the inevitable question..."so when are you guys going to have a baby" NO TIME SOON!! But somehow getting ask this at least once a week has crept into my thoughts and now I find myself thinking up names for my not yet conceived children, decorating their room in my head, picking out clothes I like etc... Then last night I got worried. When Ike and I got married we made a rule Buster sleeps on his bed beside ours because he had been sleeping in the bed with Ike. It stresses me...I'm weird about the bed, I don't even like Ike to get in the bed with clothes that he wore that day and in college when I had 4 roommates I ALWAYS made the bed first thing in the morning because I was worried one of them may sit on my bed...I know I said I'm weird. So back to why I am worried now...Ike has changed his mind now he thinks we should let Buster sleep in the bed with us..."it's mean to leave him on the floor by himself after leaving him all day in his kennel"...Ike says! He SHEDS!! and so I say we should stick to the rules...but Ike is caving and he tells Buster "Mommy is mean, I'm sorry" in this pitiful voice. Ok so I know Buster is not effected but how will this go when we have kids. I will have to be the enforcer of the rules, not that this is a surprise. But I don't want to be the bad guy all the time. We are going to workout some balance somehow someway! Ike is too darn nice! :)


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Monday, September 22, 2008

The good life!

I am soo blessed with a great family, friends, and a wonderful husband! I have to brag on Ike...he really is too good to me! I don't deserve him! Here is an example....Saturday we got to sleep in and we made all the way to 7:30... which we have not been able to do in weeks. When we got up I ask Ike if he would mind if I went shopping with Jenifer, Ms. Mickie, and Mackenzie in Tupelo... he said "sure I will find something to do." Then we agreed to have an "us" night when I got home. Tupelo was alot of fun! We ate and shopped which is always fun and Mackenzie kept us all entertained....she is tooo cute and fun. It was nice to have a girls day...thanks for inviting me!
So...When I got home Ike had been busy! He had mowed the grass, gone to the grocery store, started laundry, looked up a recipe and was cooking me supper! I was soooo impressed! The supper was REALLY good too! Is he great or what!!??

Thursday, September 18, 2008

7 Things....

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Go to Greece
2. Be debt free (coping you Jenifer--but really who doesn't DREAM of that)
3. Have and Raise children
4. Go to the Olypmics
5. Go to Disney World
6. Learn to sing
7. Run at least a half marathon

7 things I can do:
2. listen to others
3. Be a friend
4. Jog
5. Cook
6. Write a research paper in record time
7. Fix hair

7 things I cannot do:
1. Draw or paint
2. Sew
3. Sing
4. Give up diet coke
5. Stop going to Mitoro
6. Stop forgetting things
7. Decorate

7 things I say most often:
1. I love you
2. I'm sorry (to Ike)
3. oh ok
4. how are you
5. I forgot (Ike's favorite)
6. BUSTER!!!!
7. Hey!

7 celebrity crushes:
1. Michael Phelps
2. Channing Tatum
3. Matthew McConaughey
4. Chad Michael Murray
5. Dermot Mulroney
6. Paul Walker
7. Joshua Jackson

7 People who I want to know these things about
1. Connie
2. Megan
3. Amanda O.
4. Samantha S.
5. Ms. Julie
6. Laura
7. Whoever???

Monday, September 8, 2008

My soap box...

Ok...so I have never watched the MTV Video Music Awards really but last night Ike and I sat down to watch it and for those of you who watched it you know what is coming...I was absolutely disgusted! They had a host from the UK.. SUPPOSEDLY a comedian..I did not find a thing he said funny! He bashed the Republican party...was that really the place for that???? Then went on the criticize The Jonas brothers for wearing purity rings!!! All I have to say is go Jordin Sparks who stood up for purity rings (maybe not in the best way but still)! We only watched a few minutes of it before Ike turned it off but by the time he turned it off I was already LIVID! Then I heard about the purity rings on K Love this morning! It was a disgrace!!! My first and last VMA.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Josh's Birthday Celebration

Last night Josh, Jenifer and Mackenzie came over and we celebrated Josh's birthday that was Wednesday. It was so much fun! Mackenzie was so sweet she helped me cook and she feed Uncle Ike "I" and Aunt Brandy "Mamy" marshmallows. It was so funny she would put them in her mouth and then take them out and want us to eat them. She is getting so big...I think she is more fun than ever! It was a great night! Here are quite a few pictures...it was too fun not to have tons of pics...

Is she cute or what???He is going to be such a good daddy SOMEDAY!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip to Texas

This past weekend Ike and I headed down to Texas to visit Kyle and Lauren. We had such a great time. They were great, they cooked for us the whole time...I'm sure Ike misses getting breakfast every morning it's back to just chocolate milk.

****Oh I must break here to tell you all a quick story.... a few weeks ago I was feeling sweet and decided to fix Ike breakfast so I got up and fixed eggs, bacon, and a a biscuit for him...He came in and was eating, I went back to get ready. It was Thursday which is garbage day so I always take the bathroom trash cans and put them in the garbage outside to be emptied...well I usually leave the trash cans and take them back later...but Ike never takes them back so I see him going down the hall with one of them to take but not both of them ....I found this odd. I thought about it that day wondering why he had done that...and it hit me he didn't eat that biscuit!!!! When I got home sure enough there it was in the trash can wrapped up in a paper towel!! I said, "Ike, WHAT IS THIS??" Poor thing...he started smiling and said I didn't want to tell you I didn't want it cause I wanted the eggs and bacon. :) I couldn't help but laugh... I guess I should work on how I respond when he doesn't want or like something so he won't be scared to tell me! :)****

Anyway back to our trip... so the drive was 9 hours there and we left after work Friday so we got there around 2 AM. So Saturday we sleep in and then I hung out with Lauren and Ike with Kyle...That night we got to meet some of there friends at a cookout and we (the boys) watched the Alabama game. Then we set off to Billy Bob's, the largest honky tonk in the world where Sammy Chershaw was playing... We are walking up and we see people being ID ed, which Lauren and I did not have because we only brought "that little purse" so we get up there and sure enough no entry without an ID...we wanted to be like but we are married and we have no plans of partaking in any of your alcoholic beverages anyway...but it was no use this guy was serious. Oh well..we had fun anyway we went down to the Fort Worth Stock Yards and walked around. I wish we had a place were people go and it is safe to walk around at night. Sunday we went to church and then had Mexican after lunch...no white cheese dip so at first we were like awww but they are not kidding when they say Mexican is better in Texas. It was the best food food I have ever had at a Mexican Res truant. Then we went to a water park....SOOOO much fun I love water parks! Then back at the house Kyle grilled for us and then we got to relax and watch a movie, and make alternate plans for our trip home so that we could miss weather and evacuation from Gustav. We made it home safely on a much more scenic route in 10 hours. It was really a GREAT trip...Thanks Kyle and Lauren!

Before going attempting to go to Billy Bob's
The boys (noticed the book shelves that Kyle and a friend built..we were impressed)

Me and Lauren!
Kinda dark but this is Lauren and I outside the Fort Worth Stock Yards (see her cowboy boots)
At the water park...