Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am proud to present...

Ike's acceptance letter to grad school YAYAYAYAY!! If we can get through these next few days Ike will officially be done with prerequisites. Then on to the finale! HOORAY! I am so proud of him, he works so hard.
Buster is keeping me company while Ike studies. We can't wait to hang out with him.

Happy and alittle sad...

We are so excited for our friend Josh. He left yesterday going to officer training school. We LOVE these guys. Jenifer and I have been best friends since 5th grade, and it is so nice for our families to be close now. We are glad to have had this time back home with them. They will soon be relocating! We will be sad to see them go, but are looking forward to road trips to see them! Saturday we went over and hung out with them, and to wish Josh luck (like he needed it). You can read more about this precious family here.
I just love this girl, my swweet little niece Mackenzie! Who will soon be a BIG sister like her Aunt Brandy! Don't worry Jenifer and Amanda I will teach her how to do it right! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

All about Buster!

Buster is such a needy dog. Really I have never seen anything like him. I have said this before, but he thinks he MUST be touching one of us (preferably both) if he is laying down! IF he is not laying next to us he is bringing his ball or bone and throwing it at us. You read right throwing! If he is any indication of what our children will be like...we will have our hands full!
Anytime I am on the computer....And the looks he gives....
He is too sweet and FULL of personality!

Lucky me!

Saturday Ike called around lunch time to see what time I would be home that night. He said if it was early enough he thought we could go out to eat. When I get home I walk into this...My heart literally stopped and I almost cried! He had grilled steaks and shrimp, made baked potatoes, and salad. It was delicious! Ike is a MUCH better cook than me! He also made cake cookies and oh my they were SOOO good!He said it was for being understanding last week while he studied! He had also washed the laundry and cleaned the house so I would not have to worry about it! I am not sure how I got so lucky! I felt gitty like it was our first date or something! Ike, thank you for working so hard for our family and for being such a sweet, romantic husband! I am so blessed!

Roommate Reunion

Friday after work I made my way to south Mississippi for a partial roommate reunion. We had hoped it would be all 5 of us, but Emily has recently relocated and had to go back earlier than expected. Maybe one day! Friday night we went to Cresent City, and I think it may be my new favorite! YUM! One of the best parts of the trip....I got to meet this little man! This is Amanda and her husband Walter's first child, Walt. In college we wrote out a list of who would do what when, and we said Amanda would be the first to marry and the first have children. We are 2 for 2! Is he not precious!!!??Here we are with our newest Apt 7 member!
I always cherish anytime I get to spend with these girls and their families! We are so blessed to have been able to bond they way we did!

Monday, July 12, 2010

One of those days....

Today has definately been one of those days! I had to be at work at 7am, and of course I stayed up to late last night and would not get out of the bed this morning. I finally got up at 6:15! I really should have left by 6:30, but it was more like 6:50... (and there will be no pictures of me due to the fact that I spent 5 minutes getting ready) As I am walking out the door I can't find my cell phone any where!!! I threw a minor fit! Ike calls it, and apparently I had put it in Buster's kennel as I was locking him up, not on the kennel...in it! Then I was 10 minutes late! NO COFFEE! I have to leave immediately for group. When I get back to the office this afternoon I realize I have no keys. I had them this morning...I have another minor breakdown, since this is my only set! I go to the front to ask if they will unlock my office, HOPING I left them there. Turns out I left the in the bathroom and Ms. Kay turned them in!! Thank you Ms. Kay, you saved our marriage haha!!! I guess it could have been much worse! I could be Ike and have to pull an all nighter! YUCK! Me and this one...
are going to take it easy, and hide out in the back so Ike can study! I have to shut the door to our room otherwise Buster runs back and forth. He can't understand why we would be in seperate rooms!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

All work...and some play!

Last week I HAD to go here....
Don't you feel sorry for me? And I got hang out with these fine people....We had our SPF SIG retreat at Tara Wildlife in Vicksburg, MS. This is something they do for us each year. It is a nice time of team building and relaxing. Then I came home to this....Poor Ike, this where he spent the weekend. He is taking 2 classes in July and they are alot work!! He has taken over my kitchen table! He only took one break and we went to our friends Connie and Derrick's for their little girl Lainey's birthday party.

Here is Ike and the birthday girl..

Ike playing the princess game with Lainey..Ike and the baby brother...Me and ConnieThen Ike was back at the homework so I went and spent the day at the pool with my sister..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Weekend...

Ike and had a great weekend. We started it off Friday eating supper with some good friends, and then heading back to play some games. This is my favorite game!!

It is not Ike's favorite game. I love games where you have to get other people to guess something, and Ike LOVES cards. So we did alittle of both. It was alot of fun and unfortunetly no pictures! :( Then Saturday afternoon Ike and I went to hang out with one of my roommates from college, Jen. She has been a missionary in Africa for the past 2 years, left right after Ike and I got married. Her friend from Canada was here visiting. So Saturday Jen's parents fried fish for us; it was delicious!! We really enjoyed hanging out talking and the boat ride. I have missed Jen! Sunday Ike was in the Patriotic service at church. We ate lunch and hung out with Andrews..Ike and Ms. Susie shelling peas, turns out I forgot how. Then we went to my sister's for supper. We met there since she is still recovering. We had alot of fun playing cards and eating all the food mom fixed. Our moms are so great, I really am going to do a post on them soon!

Playing catch up...

This past week was really busy for us. It was Ike's last week of his June class. He got an A in the class!!! YAY! Let me just tell you I have the best husband in case I haven't mentioned that! He went with us Tuesday to the midnight showing of Eclipse! I can remember not too long ago when going to the midnight movie was not that big of a deal.. now it is a huge deal! Since we both had to work the next day. :) We came home ate supper and had to take a nap before the movie. It was fun though!
This is us all waiting for the movie to start, we had to get there around 10. I thought it would be mostly teenagers, but it was really not!
Wednesday my sister had a little suprise surgery, so I spent most of the day there with her. She did great and is recovering well!
What a week!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Last weekend in June..

This weekend has been on the calender for over a year! Ike has been blessed to have a really good group of guy friends. They have all been friends for years, and now the wives are all friends! We were getting together at least once a year for a wedding but since most are married now, we decided last year that we would have to plan reunions. This year was the first! We had a blast as we always do with these couples! We went camping in a neighboring town! We LOVE how the Winklepleck's camp. We were really roughing it....Breakfast time!
Our arrival... The wives that spent the weekend!The husbands... Saturday we hit the river!!Saturday night the boys cooked...
The girls talked.....
Saturday night the Bell's joined us too!! We missed those that couldn't make it! Maybe next year! Can't wait!
We really had a GREAT weekend! The Winklepleck's did such a good job planning this trip! Thank you Rob and Stacie! They do camping right!