Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a wonderful life!

I must say again Ike is so sweet! First of all Friday night he took me to Tupelo shopping. Since the second anniversary is traditionally cotton I got clothes....MY favorite! That was more than enough for me! But yesterday at work I got these... My favorite color is yellow!! I was super excited! I love getting flowers! Then when get home I get this....I was shocked! :) Ike said he knew I would want to keep the others at work, which I did! Our office could use the color! How did I get so lucky, he was worth the wait, hehe :)
Our little family! :)
Taking a picture with Buster can be a challenge! :)
Sunday afternoon Ike and I went to visit our parents. We were talking about our anniversary and my mom goes inside and brings out this....
Last year we were out of town and never got around to eating our cake. So 2 years later here is. Don't worry we didn't eat any. I told my mom to just throw it away, but she really didn't want to...why I have no idea! But my dad said she will still have that for your 30th anniversary! :) I really hope not! Che may have to go on that show Hoarders.
Just a few randoms...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Through the years!

This is a slide show of us through the years...WARNING it is VERY long!

Our 2nd Anniversary!

On our anniversary I thought I would write out our story. So read at your own risk!
Ike and I went to the same school k-12, so we have pretty much known each other forever. I guess the story kicks off in the 8th grade, Ike and I worked in the library together. I thought he was the most annoying boy alive. He made it his job to pester me, so needless to say we fought all year long. But there were a few nice moments when he was helping me study (or I should say telling what was on the test). That summer the church Ike went to lead the VBS for my church at the time. At the end of this week it was like a light bulb went off in my head…I LIKED IKE (this was 1997…just for the record)! And from that moment on I was hooked! Wouldn’t it be great story if that was when it all took off but not quite! It would take Ike much longer!! We had our own little worlds in high school, and while those occasionally crossed; we were mostly doing our own things during this time. I needed to add that he did take me to senior prom! Through those years we did become best friends. Then it was off to college, and we both went to Mississippi State. I am sure Ike thought I was following him. Haha..But I knew that was where God wanted me to go, and looking back I am 100% certain I made the right decision. Nothing changed when we were at state together. We hung out like always and talked like we always had. And just like in high school, people noticed the connection and would say, “You two will get married one day”. While I hoped this was true I was beginning to doubt it. Ike’s sophomore year at state was a killer. He was working 30+ hours a week and taking 19 hours. At the end of that year he dropped a bomb on us all and joined the Air Force. At the time it seemed like the end of the world for me. We spent the entire summer hanging out before he left in September. I took him to Jackson the night before he flew out to basic training, and cried the entire time! I will never forget he sang the song, “It's time to say goodbye my friend” while he held me crying. For the next 6 or 7 weeks, I wrote him a letter every single day and waited for his calls. In November, I went with his mom and Rose to watch him graduate from basic training. When we left him I really thought that this was going somewhere, but I think Ike was just thankful for my friendship. He came home for holidays, and I went to visit him in California for spring break. I was at the airport every time he came home. I know people thought I was crazy (they told me often….) But Ike’s friendship was so important to me…. even if that is all it ever was. It was not until January 2006 that Ike and I started dating! I was in grad school (8th grade-grad school) I finished grad school in July and moved to Augusta, GA where he was stationed. We dated until May 2007, when Ike proposed, and a year later May 24, 2008 we were married! I look back at our story and how it all came to be, and I reminded that God’s will and timing are perfect. I can remember begging God to let Ike feel the same as me or to take the feelings I had for him out of my heart. At the time I could not understand why I could feel like this for someone that did not return my feelings. Ike was so much wiser than me, and said time and time again that if we dated he would know without a doubt that he would put a ring on my finger. Now I see that God showed me the standard early on so I would never settle for less than His best for me, and he made Ike wise to guard my heart. So now I am thankful for that time where Ike and I were becoming the people we are today. These past 2 years has been the ABSOLUTE best, looking forward to 100 more!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is what Ike has been up to this week! I am beaming, I am one proud wife! He made well above what he needed to get into the MPA program. He was alittle disappointed because he did not quite make what he needed for HARVARD! I mean really??? We are so opposite. :) I am also proud because he made a 4.0 this past semester. He will not be happy that I posted this but when I print this to make a book I want our children to be able to look back and see what an intelligent, hard worker Ike is! Yah for Ike! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sam's new friend!

Sam LOVES animals!!!! We are still not sure why he is not going be a vet. Maybe because he would be tooooo sad to see them hurt or to put them down. But anyway...Candace's dad saw a momma possum that had been ran over, and this little fellow was sticking out of her pouch. So he rescued it and gave him (or her we are not sure) to Sam. I have to admit at first I did not even want this thing in the same room as me but he has grown on me. He is even learning some tricks! Sam and Oppy (or Orpah if it is a girl) spent the night at our house on Friday and you should have seen Buster sniffing him out!! :) Unfortunely they could not meet face to face.

Meet Oppy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Difference in Dating and Marriage

We told them to pick us up for a picture and this is what we got.....

Dating---He is thrilled to! How sweet!

Marriage----He tells you, you are to big for me to pick up, how NOT sweet!
Just Kidding! Well kinda, but I do prefer marriage any day! :)

A visit from the Hadfield's!

Rose and Chris made a trip to Columbus this weekend, which we have been looking forward to for weeks! When they come to town we usually make it a slumber party at the Andrews' (Mr. Ira and Ms. Susie's). The trips are usually kind of short so we have to make the most of the time we have... and since we practically live in Egypt or at least that is how it feels sometimes, we all stay together. We get a little spoiled because Ms. Susie cooks so much for us!!! There is no doubt we gain some weight. I think Rose was trying to prevent Chris from gaining any this trip...Friday night Ms. Susie fixed cube steak, biscuits, and rice. Well Rose was fixing Chris's plate and she informed him he could only have one biscuit, and if he ate it he could have another one, so he goes to the table and a few minutes later comes back and says, "can I at least have 2 pieces of meat?" Rose says, "you can start with one". Poor Chris says, "Come on, Rose all the other guys got to have 2!" She is something else!!! :) We are a family that loves games too, and are all extremely competitive!! For the most part we played nice! It was so nice to get to see them and all hang out!!This is our prom pose :)