Friday, February 18, 2011

Mississippi State Bulldogs!

I am joining in with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner's Show us your life...Alma Maters. My alma mater is Good times were had here! I loved MSU! It's a great school, I recieved a wonderful education, beautiful campus, but what made it for me was the people! I remember leaving high school thinking how can I make new friends I have had these so long! I had no idea what God had in store for me!
This was my very first college friend Connie. We meet in french II...we walk in and our teacher says that this is the only day we will talk in English. So in the elevator on the way down Connie says she is changing her schedule and invites me to come to her apartment and change mine. So I went... could have been a huge mistake but turns out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! She is still one of my very best friends! God was so good to me by bring her into my life! This us many years later at her wedding...This apartment is where I spent a vast majority of my college career before I actually lived in it Connie lived here so I was always there. Then my junior year I moved in with these girls and we began having the time of our lives! Apartment 7 girls! Many many memories where made here...including the blue door! Love these girls! These was us with our brother Mike...(Mike and Emily (red shirt) are married now)oh then of course football games...

BSU, barn party, road trips, eupora lake, and many many more memories that are very dear to my heart! Go Bulldogs!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch up once again!

Oh how I wish I was a better blogger...maybe one day. As for now here is our update. Ike is doing good in school as always. It doesn't seem quite as stressful as last semester YET, but in March he picks up another class which is suppose to be a real tough one. I am just going to enjoy him while I can! We have been having fun trying to lose our married pounds as we like to call them! We are loving our iphones and the apps to help us with this! We are actually doing well and it is fun to do it together! So far Ike is down 10lbs and me only 5. Boys and their amazing metabolism! Other than that last week I went to D.C. for work and I got spend sometime with Aunt Iris and eat supper with Rose and Chris which was really nice.

This past weekend we celebrated my sister's birthday day!
My family! we are working on sharing our toys!My sweet sister! My sweet valentine sent these to me at work...

I am such a lucky girl! We had a very nice valentines...we went to workout, ate leftovers, watched the closer, and went to bed early! We went out on valentine's day a few years ago and it was a nightmare so we decided to never do that again! We enjoyed our low key night!