Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heading home

Sunday they said we could go home or stay one more night it was up to us.  I think Ike was pretty ready to go home, but I totally panicked.  I just needed one more night (or so I thought).  This would be the point were things started going down the emotional roller coaster.  Ike wanted me to be comfortable so we stayed the extra night.  Monday morning after the doctors came we headed home to start our new life.
Dr. Reeves, my doctor who delivered Brant
Daddy gave Brant a sponge bath before we headed out. 

 All clean!

And we are off....

 Meeting the big brother

More of Brant's arrival...

Look at that proud daddy!
One of my favorite things about this hospital is that with a c-section they let the daddy take the baby out to meet the family while mom is being stitched up.  Luckily though they have a camera on the family and I was able to watch them meet him while they finished with me.   
These were some PROUD grandparents!

 This is after he was all cleaned up!
 Then he got to come see me finally!  
Can you tell we are eat up already?

All the other sweet family and friends who came to meet Brant!  We are so thankful for each of you!  You all did so much to help us to welcome Brant to our family!  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brant's Birth

I have to say a c-section seems a little boring.  There is none of the excitement of going into labor and rushing to the hospital.  However, there was also not an entire day of contractions and pain and ALL of our family could be I will take it.  We got up early Friday morning and headed off to the hospital to have our baby boy.
heading to the hospital
 We got to the hospital and they immediately took me to the back and started getting me ready for surgery.  They told me to get into my gown.  I thought surely I had a few minutes to get into it...NO.  Mid change one of the nurses starts trying to come in the back door of the room, and have a conversation with me.  I'm not sure at this point do I try to put my clothes back on or continue with the change.  This of course doesn't phase her, and she tells me I have to leave my modesty at the door.  My friends had warned me, but I was still not quite ready.  But they were all right from here on out there was no modesty.
Ready for a baby!
 The worst part of the whole process was the catheter.  Uh!  They roll me back for surgery sit me up on this table and I feel a little pinch.  The end of labor pains :)  Once my body was numb they let Ike come in, and my fabulous nurse antithesis walks me through the whole process telling me what to expect.  It is weird because you can feel all the tugging, but you never feel the cut or anything.  About 5 minutes later I hear my doctor say, "there he is, butt first.  He's a big boy."  And they come around the curtain with the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.  Ike and I were both immediately in love!  

I knew at this moment our lives would never be the same!  God amazes me.  All those years of praying and praying for a child.  Every single moment of disappointment and waiting were all worth it.  At just the right time the Lord had blessed us with a beautiful healthy little baby boy!

I don't think you can possible know how much love you have brought to your mom and dad.  I wish you could have seen the excitement in your daddy's face.  He (and I) have never been so proud of anything in our entire lives.  You had an amazing witness and story before you were ever born I can only imagine what God is going to do with your life.  We love you more than you can ever know!