Thursday, January 27, 2011

New year's trip

This year we decided to make a trip up north for the new year. Sam and Candace went with us and we DROVE! It really was not too bad well for me and Candace who were not "allowed" to drive. The boys did not feel safe with us behind the wheel. Which means we slept! First stop was in Birmingham. Where we dropped off a friend. Then we drove through the night to D.C. where we stopped to visit aunt Iris and the Szabo's for a few days. Then we spent a day in Baltimore... Then off to Wisp for a little skiing! SUCH A FUN TRIP!

First day we went to Arlington. Day 2: Downtown Washington D.C.New Year's eve...Day 3: Baltimore Remaining time Wisp...

Candace and I took turns with the camera so hopefully I will be able to post some of her pictures sometime! It was such a fun trip!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our christmas project!

Gettting our house on the market was our christmas break project! So to celebrate the holiday all day Christmas eve (and several other days) my parents and sister came over to our house to help us replace countertops, paint, and start re-doing bathrooms. Then Sam helped Ike replace all the light switches and fixtures! We are so lucky to have great families to help us. We are super excited about how they turned out...
All of that for this...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I thought I would start out with a few of our family christmas pictures our sweet friend Renee Reedy took since I never got our christmas card up here!We hope you had a VERY merry christmas!

We thought December would be a month of rest for us since Ike would be out of school. Boy were we wrong it may have been the most packed month of 2010, but so much fun! We started the month off decorating our new tree, which was so worth standing out in the freezing, rain at 4 am to get.Ike and I BOTH sang in the Christmas musical at church. I have recently joined the choir. I am no where near the singer that Ike is but I do enjoy trying and the Lord doesn't mind if it is not perfect. :)
Then there was the christmas parade. I got to spend some time with Jenifer and Mackenzie.
I snapped a few pictures of my sister and brother in law for their christmas card! They are just too cute!Our little family on Christmas eve!Christmas eve with the Richardson's...These boys love their papaw, I wonder why?Christmas eve at the Andrews!My sweet sister and I on Christmas day.My family minus Jason who had to work :( on Christmas day. The sunday after Christmas was Kyle's ordination cermony at the church. We can't wait to see all God's is going to doing in his and Lauren's lives!We had such a great Christmas and were able to spend some much needed time with family and friends!
Up next our big Christmas project...