Wednesday, December 1, 2010


**I have been doing a terrible job with taking pictures lately so there are not too many to see :(
Since both of our parents live in Columbus we always try to do some with both families, but we give one priority at thanksgiving and the other for christmas. We have decided to try and coordinate this with which holiday Chris and Rose are coming. This year they came for thanksgiving so we all camped out at Mr. Ira's and Ms. Susie's for the week. It was alot of fun. We played games of course! We got some new ones for this holiday. And I will say it to make the guys happy...they dominated. The girls didn't win a single game. :) There is always next year. Thanksgiving day we went to Carthage and ate lunch with Ms. Susie's side of the family. We always love going there and visiting with everyone. It is always an interesting ride though. All of us pile into the van and ride down together. I don't think Mr. Ira will ever read this so I think I am safe to say his driving makes us a little sick. Of course it is always and issue of who will ride on the back seat. Lucky for me (or maybe not), Ike gets extremely car sick so we get the middle seat usually. Memories are always made! This year's is alittle much to share but I will just say Sam was uncomfortable. Then as soon as we got back Ike and I headed over to my aunt's for thanksgiving supper. We were still stuff from lunch but we couldn't pass up a few things. It was good family time and very relaxing.
That night me, ms. Susie and Rose headed out to black friday! My sister's favorite night/day of the year, so happy black friday to her, she thinks it is a holiday! We hit old navy first since they opened at mid night and we didn't need to get anything from walmart. Then a coffee run and off to sit in the car for a few hours till Kmart opened. I was heart set on this pre-lit twirling christmas tree. So we all got out around 3:45 and stood there till they opened at 5, and by the time the doors opened I could care less about that tree, I had to go to the restroom so bad! I mean priorities. But SERIOUSLY what was I thinking how many of those people do you think were rushing in for a christmas tree...none! Oh well I got it! And SOMEHOW we managed to ride with it in the car!
This is us outside Kmart!
Thanksgiving week was a blast not only did we have a great time with family but alot of our friends were home and we got to see them. This week back to reality! Ike has finals next week and then a month off WOOHOO!!! I am looking forward to some christmas movies!