Friday, May 27, 2011

April update continued...

Rose and Chris came to visit! Ms. Susie had an event for work in Jackson so they flew in there and we picked them up. We all spent the night and got up Saturday and hung out in Jackson. We have decided to rent for a while when we first move (partly due to the fact that we currently own a home boo). Even if not we would rent. We have no idea where we want to live. Right now we are so far from our church and it makes it difficult to be as involved as we would like so we want to be close to the community we are involved in. This is the only picture I took the whole weekend! Maybe Ms. Susie will share!

We also had Living Pictures! We love this ministry that our church does, and look forward to it every year. We will miss being involved!

I feel like I need to record this for me...During Living Pictures practice one night there were tornado warnings etc. We were all locked in the choir room safe and sound so I had no idea how bad it was outside. At around 8:30 or 9ish they tell us to hurry and get home we have about a 30 minute window before the next storm. So Ike and I (in our separate cars I need to add) take off home. This would turn out to be the most scared moments of my life! We didn't get very far before the hail started and then HEAVY rain and wind! I seriously had a panic attack. Ike was talking to me on the phone trying to talk me through it. I know that God had to get me to the store to pull over because I could not have done that alone...I could NOT see one thing! Once we got the store I totally lost it. Ike got into my car to try and calm me down, but the wind was blowing so hard that my car was rocking. We gave it a few minutes and then tried to make it the rest of the way only to learn a tree was blocking the road. We had to go back to the store and wait. There happened to be another man in the store and he told us another way to go (we are so unfamiliar with where we live it is terrible). Once we made it to our road I started crying I had never been so happy to be almost home. I realize this is NOTHING compared to what others have been going through with the tornados lately. It is just a small small thing in comparison.
Also in April my grandmother had a heart attack. It came out of no where! She has always seemed so healthy to me. She has recovered well, but feel very lucky to still have her. The nurse told her she had never seen anyone live to tell about a heart attack like hers. This is my cute little papaw! We were giving him a hard time for carrying around Mamaw's purse.
stay tuned :)

Lots of catching up!

It has been so long since I blogged that I feel a little overwhelmed just thinking about catching up! :). So I will try to hit all the highlights. But it may take a while.
First off..We have a roomie! My little sister is staying with us for a little while. Her husband has new job and has spent most of the past few months in Canada training. If you know my sister at all you know she DOES NOT stay alone. We blame our parents for this. When she was 4 she had open heart surgery, this caused them to be super protective of her. Plus my mom stayed home with us so really never much reason to be home alone. So instead of wasting money on rent (cause she would never be there) she moved in with us! It has been alot of fun actually, when she is there. She is in her last semester of nursing school so she's a little busy. My mother was having small panic attacks about us living in the same house. I guess those last few years we lived at home were a little traumatic. :). But we are older and more mature. I hope! As you can see Buster is thrilled to have more people around to give him attention. Especially when uncle Jason is around

We were able to visit with several of our friends in April. Which we of course LOVED! We ate dinner with Lauren one night while she was home. Her husband is in the Air Force and they are getting ready for their next duty station which is in Seattle! We are hoping to visit them at some point!

We got to see the Gillis' too! Buster was so excited to see their girls! He is still in love! :) We had dinner and celebrated Ike's birthday! Jessi is a fabulous cook! She brought the most delicious food over!

This is the Craig family with their newest additions! We loved getting to spend a little time with them, and we met their little miracles!

MUCH more to come....