Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We started off thanksgiving in Carthage with our family there.  We enjoyed seeing everyone and ate way too much!!  I thought while we were there it would be the perfect setting to get a few pictures for our christmas cards.  My boys on the other hand....were uncooperative!
First attempts were with Buster....fail.

So I gave up on him being in the picture, and Ike didn't do much better...He does love me although it would appear he doesn't in this picture.....
This was the only decent picture I could get out of him.  :)  So our cards will have to be alittle different this year.  Oh well!!  Thanks for trying, Ms. Susie!
This thanksgiving was a little tough.  We always get together with all our family but this year was different since mom can not stand to ride.   She was not feeling good at all and has not been able to get out of the bed much.  My dad did a great job fixing most of the food for thanksgiving.  My daddy has never really cooked, but he has learned alot in the past few months. We were all so proud.  Now it's just waiting to hear back from the doctor to know when she will begin internal radiation.  We are all ready for this to be behind us, and hopefully for the healing to begin.  This thanksgiving taught us all to be thankful for each other and the time we have together.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Surgery and a BIG birthday!

These are the beautiful flowers I got this past weekend.  One from Ike, my mom, and my aunts that are staying here and the other from my sweet friend Molly!  I loved them both, they made me feel very loved!  As you can guess I had surgery Friday afternoon to remove the septum in my uterus.  The surgery went very well.  My doctor said I had a very large septum and some endometriosis which he went ahead and treated.  I think Friday was hard on Ike, it took me forever to wake up from the anesthesia. The weekend went pretty good, better than I had expected.  Ike took good care of me.  So for the good news, we went in today to have the stint removed, and our doctor sounded very optimistic that we should be able to have a baby soon!  Ike and I were both happy to hear this.  It all still seems a bit sureal to me.  I am so thankful for God's perfect will and timing!   
Today is my mom's birthday!  I am glad that she is here with me so we can hopefully celebrate!  She had a hard morning and is having to get some fluids today.  I am hoping she will feel better this afternoon.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Better days!

Last weekend was perfect.  Ike and I laid around and caught up on all our shows we DVR.  Saturday we did a little shopping and had cupcakes for lunch, doesn't get much better!!  Sunday....Ike was sick!  I have been waiting for this!  Ike requires a certian amount of rest or his immune system begins to fail him.  I think I have said this before but I PRAY our children have my immune system.  He has been feeling bad all week.  Great, I get him home and he's sick.  :)  I will take it either way!  I love knowing he is coming at night!
Mom had a pretty tough week again.  She has been extremely sore from treatment.  BUT on a very bright note yesterday was her last chemo and she has 3 more radiations before she gets a break.  We are hoping she will heal up some during her break.

Today is a big day for us!  After today we are praying that we are one step closer to one day being parents!  :)  I will up date more on how everything goes!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mississippi non-mom blogger!

I thought it would be fun to link up with Kelly's Korner for her non-mom bloggers.  I am hoping that Ike and I will make new friends here that are in this same stage of life.  I love hanging out with our friends with kids, but it is a different stage of life.  While we do want kids that is not in the cards for now and it would be nice have people that are in this same place.  While we were in Little Rock, we were able to meet with a couple of the guys (and their wives) Ike met at his work camp.  It was so much fun!  I wished we lived there so we could all have dinner together and do fun couple things!  :)  We of course have not had much time to meet people but I'm hoping soon!  :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am just so proud of my boys! Well one of them...

I meant to share this link weeks ago! It slipped my mind, but I am EXTREMELY proud of Ike. He is such a hard worker.
Last night I was soo ugly to him because he could not call until 10 (not that he had not already text to let me know that it would be late). It was all because he was trying hard to finish so he could come home today! I am terrible. This new job is an adjustment. I think I need a new hobby??? :)

Do you see this????
This is my living room floor!!! and that is a DEAD squirrel!  Buster brought it to me!  He was so proud of his little self.  We wondered how long it would take him to get one.  He chases them everyday.  Of course the first thing he does is brings it show me, and Ike wasn't there to be proud of him!  :)