Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Friday

Ike had spring break last week which was nice! He still worked everyday but Friday. It was good for him to be able to come home and not have a ton of homework. Friday we both took the day off! We had a picnic and took Buster out to the river with us. He is something. Ike let us out so he could go park the car, and I set down the picnic basket and what do you think he did...hiked his leg to mark the basket as his territory. I started yelling at him so luckily he only made me look crazy, but did not ruin our lunch! :) Ike does not like the idea of having him fixed but I do believe it is time! I love days like this with these two! That night we went over to the Winklepleck's and had a fish fry. We love any opportunity to hang out with these friends!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another attempt to catch up

Another catch up...things are good and busy! Ike's boss gave us tickets to Ole Miss and Mississippi State basketball game for Christmas. :) We thoroughly enjoyed it. :) I have grown to love this place...I love this next picture, not of us but of all the people behind us. Did they know they were making the picture?? Should have smiled at least!After the game we went to visit our friend's Connie and Derrick. They recently had a baby! Cy he is precious, but then all of their kids are. Connie amazes me! She is a stay at home mother of three and a preacher's wife. Both of those have to be a calling from the Lord. Let me tell you I don't think I am called to either. She has her hands full, and she has the most well behaved, sweetest kids so I can't imagine if one was rumbustious. I don't think she will mind me sharing this...I hope any way ha! We are sitting on her couch talking and she is feeding Cy and all the sudden she realizes she has a sucker in her hair. Hilarious! I am begging Connie to start blogging her life! I think it would make for interesting reading. She is so great though so calm and laid back. I am just praying I am half the mom she is one day! We also got to go to church with them and hear Derrick preach, he did a great job! We had such a good time which we always do with the Wilson's. Here are a few pictures. I didn't get one of their daughter Lainey. She was busy at the moment. Lainey let us watch Toy Story 3 with her, and we both loved it! I can't wait till we get to watch movies like that! When we were leaving she was asking her parents to watch it again for the 4th time in 2 days! HA. LOVE. IT.Ike's new buddy
Other news: Ike booked a cruise for us for our 3rd anniversary! I am beyond excited! The countdown is on! Since he booked it though I have become slightly obsessed. I want to see everyone's pictures from cruises and just love talking to anyone who has been on one. I am not sure why I feel the need to know everything I can. I read the forums on Carnival's sight like everyday! I am a weirdo. This does help with encouragement needed to stay focused on the diet! :) It will also be to celebrate Ike finishing this semester then we are just a summer away from graduation!!
This past weekend was nice. I cleaned out my closest for our new roommate. My sister's husband got a new job and will be out of town for most of the next four months so she is going to stay with us. I will be living amongst the studiers!
This past weekends we got to on a double date with Sam and Candace. We saw the Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler movie. I thought it was really funny or maybe I enjoyed Ike laughing so hard, but does have a little crud humor. If they had ask me I may have rated it R, but they didn't.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My rant

I usually use this blog to document and I am still going to but I think I will start to document more of my thoughts here as well...So today I need to rant.
I feel so frustrated right now with this whole house on the market thing. What a roller coaster ride! Several people have looked at it which is good but no offers. I mean I hate to take it personal but every time someone looks at it and doesn't buy it I am disappointed. Childish, I'm aware. But really how am I suppose to take it. And if I hear one more time they liked it but are going with something else! EW! I try to think of the positives of course, like at least they were interested enough to come here. I mean it's cute (right?). I want it to sell like yesterday! I know I will post again when it sells and say how sad I am about us moving out of first house etc... but today I can't think that far. I. WANT. IT. SOLD. :) And let's face it I want to leave my house and not have to make sure I put the toilet seat down, made the bed, or put up the ironing board. Ike's says these things only add an extra 10 minutes to my morning but that is precious time! I am also aware that I should do those things and I really do want to be the kind of wife that leaves the house oh so put together, but I have never been a fan of having to anything. Oh and let's please not get started on how much I dread having to mow the yard which is about to begin. Ike barely has time to eat let alone mow the grass so you can guess who will be doing it, ME. I desperately wanted it sold before this time of year. Ike always offers his lovely encouragement, "at least you can get a tan". REALLY? thanks for your help, IKE! :) One can only hope it will sell soon.
I have learned one thing from all this...I was wise not to chose real estate as a career!