Friday, January 24, 2014

Another sweet baby BOY!

Yesterday was the big appointment.  Most of all Ike and I were anxious to hear that our baby boy or girl looked healthy.  When we went for Brant's gender appointment we thought about this, but not as much.  In the last year we have heard or seen so many precious families dealing with life threatening health issues with their precious babies. So we did not take for granted the health of our babies.  We are SO thankful for this.  Then of course once we heard that we were ready to hear the gender.  Baby boy was not shy!  I think I could have told without the ultrasound technician.  Ike and I were actually leaning toward boy.  Brant and baby will be so close in age that we were hoping they could be the very best of buddies!  Ike has many adventures planned for these two!  We could not be more excited!  And hey we won't need much that's nice.  :)   
Our sweet friend Molly made cupcakes for gender day.  I love any excuse for a cupcake!!
We decided Brant should get his first cupcake too for being promoted to big brother.  He is such a sweet sweet baby I know he will make the very best big brother!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have decided to go on with posting and maybe some day I will post a random Christmas post on here.  

Mr. Ira gave Ike and Brant a bike carrier so that Brant can go on bike rides with us.  He was not a fan of riding with the helmet at all.  He did pretty good for his first ride.  He was very tired and the seat does not recline so he was having some trouble.  We made do, and he got a little nap and woke up happy!  We really enjoyed being able to all go for a ride.

That night our good friend Molly came over and babysat for us to go on a date!  I looked forward to it all day.  I felt like I was in high school or something!  The best selfie we could manage.

Ike took Brant to his 9 month check up and sent me this picture.  I felt like he looked so big!!

This past weekend I was able to go on a girls trip to Nashville with 3 of my 4 roomies from college.  We had a blast catching up.  I love that no matter how long it is between visits it is like nothing ever changes.  

I LOVE this video of Brant.  I always say that even without talking he is a great communicator.  I was feeding him bananas to start with and attempted to switch to peaches.  You can tell the moment he sees the switch he is not happy!

This is his newest trick!  We love it!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Highlights of 2013

More Christmas post to come but until then...

I really can't say it so very thankful for this man!  We have had such a wonderful and challenging year!  I am so blessed that the Lord chose him to share this adventure with me.

Highlights of 2013!
  • Brant made his appearance and we became a family of three!

  • Ike and I turned 30!!!

  • Another biggie that I apparently never shared with the blog is Ike got a new job in April!! We have been so thankful and proud of him!!  AND happy to have him home every.single.night.
  • Uncle Sam graduated college. 

  • First mother's day for me!
  • We celebrated 5 years of marriage (at the beach)!!!
  • Ike's first father's day!

  • We bought a house.
  • Found out we are expecting baby #2
It has been a extremely interesting, fun, and at times unnerving year!  I think I have grown more and learned more about myself this year than any other year in my life.  I am so thankful for all of the blessings we have received this year and can not wait to see what 2014 will hold!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas 1 of 2013

Finally starting the Christmas recap.  Here are the pictures from Christmas with the Andrew's side.  We were very happy that Rose, Chris, and Sam were able to come home for Christmas!
Family picture
Our little family
Brant being his normal silly self!  

My favorite picture of the entire year!  Maybe because these are my favorite 2!
Sweet kisses! 
3 generations!
Brant and Granddaddy!
Loving uncle Chris!
Uncle Sam
Sweet picture with Nana and Granddaddy
Brant was actually much more engaged in the presents and present opening than I thought he would be.

 Sweet boy is just a little loved.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre-Christmas fun

Leading up to Christmas we had some fun times so I wanted to document those too!  My Christmas pictures are little spread out between my camera, my phone, Ike's phone, Rose and Ms. Susie.  So I am working to get it together.  Until then...
Uncle Chris was so great with Brant.
Playing with daddy
Making a Christmas ornament with Nana.
Meeting sweet Ty.
The boys

I so enjoyed getting to see these guys.  I miss this girl so much!
Brant's first present to open was from his cousin Kendal.
He loved it, but daddy and uncle Sam may have even loved it more.
More play time with uncle Sam and Uncle Chris
Inspecting uncle Sam's teeth.  He actually does this a lot to people.  Can be weird but may have a dentist here.

Loved playing with uncle Chris and the Ipad.  Uncle Chris quickly downloaded a game for Brant.
Reading with mommy.
The boys did a little hunting.
Sunday morning church together.

My side of the family ended up with the flu...hence their absence.  We made a trip back to celebrate with them once they were well.