Friday, August 30, 2013

It's official!

It's official!  We CLOSED!  This morning all three of us went in to the closing!  So it's ours now!!

More on this later!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

5 months!

 Here is our little 5 month photo shoot!  To most these pictures all look the same but to the momma and daddy they are all very different and impossible to pick from!

You just keep getting more and more fun!  This month has been my favorite!  You have the sweetest personality, but are also very strong willed.  We laugh because if you want or don't want to do something there is no changing your mind already!  You love touching our faces. You absolutely love to be outside.  Sometimes it is the only way to calm you down when you get too tired.  You require your sleep although you fight it.  Baths are still a favorite.  I am dying to give you more food.  I can tell you will love it.  You haven't made any real strides in rolling over.  You have and can, but you don't do it much.  I do believe crawling is going to happen soon. A tooth has made it's way through.  We are struggling with these teeth.  It is break our hearts knowing they hurt you.  (Sophie is on the way, from Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason).  Your feet are your FAVORITE thing right now.  You are very observant and seem to always be examining everything.  You love the walker and jumper.  Really anything that you are up right and not laying down.  You are wearing 6-9 months and weighed 16lbs 11 oz at the doctor.  You are talking a ton.
Your daddy and I are just totally eat up with you!  That is the first thing he says to me, "how's my baby, or what's my baby doing?"  I pray you two will be very close.  We love you to the moon and back sweet boy!
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Under the weather

Our poor baby has been feeling under the weather this week.  Sunday night when we put him down we noticed he was coughing some, but nothing too bad.  This continued all through the night, and by the time we woke up Monday morning we knew we needed to head on in to the doctor's office.  He was coughing a lot and wheezing so I was worried.  I'm so thankful for Ike, he really is such a great daddy (and husband)!  He went to the doctor with us.  I know to comfort the both of us.  I'm working on calming down over these types of things.  The Lord has definitely been dealing with me, and my worrying.  I would have never considered my self a worrier.  Lately, I've noticed more of this creeping into my life so I know it is something I need to give over to the Lord. 
Look at this sweet precious baby!  Such a helpless feeling when they are sick.  

I just had to include this....
I get a ton of pictures like this these days.  Every time I get the camera out he grabs for it.  The phone is already the thing he wants more than any other "toy".  I can see trouble ahead.  Good thing we have lifeproof cases.  I guess we will find out if they are also baby proof. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday!

I am linking up with 5 on Friday to share 5 bits of randomness! 
ONE- We are so excited we get to spend some time with our little guy this weekend!  The weeks can get hard since we don't get to spend as much time with him.  I do see more of him than Ike though.  Poor thing last night he persuaded me to let Brant sleep with us.  I know this is because he felt like he had not seen much of him, but we got a good thing going here ya know?  I caved of course, I felt so bad for him.  This usually only last a few hours then Brant has squirmed enough that Ike's ready for him to go back to his bed. 

Two-  I'm pretty sure Brant is getting a tooth.  He is chewing on everything he can, mostly those little fingers.  He had a rough night Wednesday, and I'm pretty sure it was teething related.

Three- We get a lot of mixed feelings on who Brant looks like even among ourselves.  I think different expressions he looks like me, and he has my profile definitely.  BUT those eyes, they are his daddy's!  I was actually trying to take a picture of his gums here, but his sweet eyes stood out.

Four-I'm ready to MOVE!!!  We have a ton to do the next few weekends to get ready for it, but I am really looking forward to it.
Five-Things have changed for our little fur baby.  Bless his heart.  Before and during my pregnancy people would tell me that Buster would become a dog after the baby got here, and I hated that.  I was certain this would never happen.  He had been the baby for 5 years.  Now, I will say he's still our baby and we love him dearly but...things have changed.  I hate it I really do, but he has taken on more of a dog role in our family.  He is however a very loved dog.  He is spending the month with his Aunt Amanda.  It was not planned but has turned out well since we are busy packing.  His almost non-existent attention would have been zero!  He's having a blast, but I do miss him.  Yesterday I dropped some food and almost walked away because I am so used to him just taking care of that.  He is ALWAYS right beside me.  He is a sweet puppy, and I can't wait for him and Brant to be the best of friends.  Brant already thinks he is so funny!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Success school

Ike and I spent last weekend in Texas at Success School for Advocare.  This was our first one, and we had such a great time and learned so much!!  We have always been huge believers in the Advocare products!  We immediately saw a change in our lives when we started using them.  Ike was in desperate need of energy, and this was an answer to the problem.  For me, I started taking the products shortly after having Brant and immediately lost most of my baby weight (and I had gained a big ol’ 50lbs, and barely any came off after delivery) and I felt great!  Success School really opened my eyes to what this business could do for our family financially!  We were impressed with the company itself.  I believe the people who are successful in this business love the Lord and make Him the top priority for their families.  It was impressive and inspiring.  We are thankful for our friends Nick and Lauren for spending time with us to encourage us in our business and life in general.   Anyone interested can look here or email me 
We did miss this little guy!  But no worries...He was having the time of his life being spoiled by many!  He spent the weekend at my sister's house and got to visit with Mimi, Papaw, Mamaw & Papaw Crews, Aunt Nina, Ashley, Aunt Sherry & John.  Rotten!  

Sunday afternoon, Amanda took him to Ms. Susie's where he got more love and attention!  She took him to bible study, silver sneakers at the Y, and the Rutherford's where more spoiling took place!

It is so nice to be able to leave him and know he is in great hands!  We are so thankful that not only are both of our families excitedly willing to keep and love on him, but they also put up with me and my crazy "schedule requirements".  He came home like nothing had changed.  I was sooo worried he would get off routine and stop sleeping through the night, but nope!  He did perfect!  I'm sure this was the first of many years of meeting in Louisville!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our big boy!!

Does he not look grown???  I know all moms say this but did this happen?!  He is such a sweet boy!  I absolutely love this stage I just want to bottle him up!  He's laughing, playing, taking everything in, moving some, and sleeping through the night!!  WOOHOO life is good!!  He now goes to bed between 6:45-8 just depends on that last nap, and he sleeps till usually 6-6:30!  It is pretty great!  Once we started the bed time routine he has done good, but we MUST get him to bed before he gets too tired. Ike and I both love to be the one to get him out of bed in the mornings because is so happy, 10lb diaper and all!

Oh, the expressions!

I left him for a second the other day and came back to this.  I think we are moving into the stage where I have to keep my eyes on him at all times!  Crawling and teeth are not too far away either!

We are buying house # 2.

Things have been busy!  We are in the house buying process!  We have finally made a decision.  Our rental house has been great for the past two years, and really there has been no hurry to move.  BUT now that Brant is here things have changed.  Before the hour to and from work was no big deal.  Now, I can hardly stand knowing that time is being wasted that we could be spending with him everyday!  So Brant spent several months looking at houses with us.  We went back and we buy our forever house and have a little tighter budget OR do we buy a house that we could live in for 8-10 years and be more comfortable?  We went with the second option, and I must say I'm glad we did.  We are pretty excited about the location of the new house.  It is 2 minutes from Brant's daycare.  This is a blessing because have I mentioned this baby HATES the car seat.  I mean screams from the time he gets in till we get to daycare, home or he wears himself out and goes to sleep. It is also very close to Ike's work and a lot closer to mine.  Win win win!  We can't wait.
Ike and I were so thankful Ms. Susie came to visit so we could get some things packed.  And I DID get a picture of Brant and Nana this time!!  It may be one of my absolute favorites of Brant!  Look at that smile.
Below is just more of the many faces of Brant...This baby is so much fun to watch.
My sweet boys watching some TV.
I'm so in love with these two