Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad blogger again

I am falling behind on my blogging again. So here is a look at the past 2 weekends. FYI: The week in between was spent relaxing mostly with my husband before school is back in full swing! (which it is this week)

Last weekend... Friday we got movies from redbox and pizza. Which unfortunately it gave me the wrong movie so we watched things we had recorded instead still a great night! Ike loves that redbox is a dollar BUT does not like that there is no one to talk to when things go wrong such as Friday night or when the DVD is scratched. Oh well it is only a dollar!! Saturday we cleaned out closets and organized some. That night my parents took us out to eat for my brother in laws birthday!

My sister and Brother in law....
Before supper... Sunday after church we ate lunch at Ike's parents. These are Mr. Ira's new babies!

Ms. Susie is modeling the outfit Rose and Chris brought her from Africa! too cute!!!This past weekend I helped my mom with a shower for a friend. She is due in September but we are thinking he is not going to wait that long! Me and my mom at the shower

And I should mention that Ike spent the entire day Saturday working on our yard in the awful heat! Being on vacation for a week our yard was a little out of hand. AND he bought me fall flowers for my pots and flower bed! I will take pictures soon. They are so pretty! I love that man!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back from D.C.

Ike finished his two classes and got A's in both classes! He was so worried and checked the computer constantly till they were posted. I, on the other hand had no doubt that his hard work would pay off!! I am too proud! Ike took his final on Thursday morning and that afternoon we headed to Alabama to spend the night with a little stop at Moe's on the way. We love that place! We miss having one in our town! We shopped a little and then headed to our hotel. Ike and I were excited about our hotel. Our friends have been telling us we should do the name your own price thing through priceline so we gave it a try and got a great deal! Friday morning we got up EARLY and caught our flight to D.C.. Aunt Iris (Mr. Ira's sister) lives there and we got to go stay with her for a few days! This has been the light at the end of the tunnel for us. :) So hear is a play by play of the trip..
Friday- Board the plane at 5:30.. Fly to Atlanta, then board the plane for D.C... Aunt Iris and Debbie pick us up at the airport and we go to aunt Iris's house and rest before going to have supper and play games with the Szabo's. We had a blast!
On the plane.Saturday- Aunt Iris took us to the outlets close to her house. She knows how much I love to shop!! We spent the day there, and it was tax free weekend which I was soooo excited about! Ike is such a trooper! He is a great little shopper! That night Aunt Iris had steaks for us and we grilled at her house it was delicious! Sunday- Rose and Chris stopped by after they got home. They had been in Africa on a mission trip for 2 weeks. So we chatted with them a little and then we headed to the east coast. Neither of us had ever been to the east coast so we were excited that Aunt Iris had been so sweet and reserved us a room there! We loved it, the beaches are really nice and family friendly! That night we ate at the hotel restaurant which turned out to be so fancy and the food was great! AND we had sticky rolls and they brought out a little bowl of water for our fingers! My first experience with that, I loved it!! Then it was off to the boardwalk! I love the board walk (and the ice cream). It was filled with people, food, and just fun shops! Monday- Ike and I got up and headed out to the beach for a little bit. It was nice to be out there! Then it was off to more outlets! I was loving it! And this time we were in Delaware, no sales tax!! YIPPY! I had packed an extra duffle bag to use as a carry on, so no worries about the luggage being over! :) That night we drove back to the Bay Bridge and met Chris and Rose at a restruant that looked our over the bay! It was beautiful. Tuesday- Ike and I took the metro to downtown D.C. to see some of the museums. Our first visit to D.C. aunt Iris's friend gave us a monument tour, but I had never seen the museums. I love the American history museum, especially the First ladies! Ike thought it was so great that all the ladies there have on their high heels all the time! :) I am a big fan of the metro. My least favorite part of the D.C./Baltimore area is the traffic! I get headaches from being tense. This is the first time we have gone that Ike did not get sick from the traffic! So I think we both liked the metro! That night Ike and Josh played a little tennis, and I enjoyed a walk in the park. Then we went back to aunt Iris's house to play cards (we did this most nights). We all love cards, even if Ike usually wins. on the Metro!
We had a great time! We love spending time with our family! Thank you Aunt Iris for showing us such a great time! We love you.
on our way home...We were not as excited as we look.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


OK, I am a fan of summer. Seriously, I love it! I am so cold natured that even fall can be a little cold to me. I love summer clothes and shoes. BUT my word!!! My friend Jenifer took this picture in the car the other day...

Unbelievable! I hate to complain, because I am not in a hurry to be miserably cold but WOW! Yesterday I had to be out in it and I must say that I am blessed that my job is for the most part inside! My dad works outside and I have to call every afternoon to check on him, poor thing! This is two of the people I work closely with Terrie and Molly. We are all pouring sweat! I am so lucky to have Molly. She is one the nicest people I know! We work together everyday ALL day, and travel together alot, which means we spend 24 hours a day together! It is so good that we are friends and get along so good!! We have seen others that this not the case, and it does not seem fun at all!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend review

Last week was crazy for Ike. As I mentioned he spent every single night closed up in the back studying! So Friday night he came home with this....and this... Seriously I am spoiled!!! I don't think it gets any better than him! We had such a nice night. We sat here...and relaxed! Sometimes I like the nights were we just hang out at home the best! Ike has finals next week so I know it will be another long week but at least we have vacation to look forward to at the end!!!
Sunday I woke up sick, so I took some medicine and went back to bed. We had planned to cook for Sam and Candace's birthday but turns out she was even more sick than me and has mono and strep. So Ike grilled steak and shrimp and Sam came over.
Buster loves his uncle Sam....

I am not sure why the camera does that to his eyes! Bothers me!