Wednesday, December 1, 2010


**I have been doing a terrible job with taking pictures lately so there are not too many to see :(
Since both of our parents live in Columbus we always try to do some with both families, but we give one priority at thanksgiving and the other for christmas. We have decided to try and coordinate this with which holiday Chris and Rose are coming. This year they came for thanksgiving so we all camped out at Mr. Ira's and Ms. Susie's for the week. It was alot of fun. We played games of course! We got some new ones for this holiday. And I will say it to make the guys happy...they dominated. The girls didn't win a single game. :) There is always next year. Thanksgiving day we went to Carthage and ate lunch with Ms. Susie's side of the family. We always love going there and visiting with everyone. It is always an interesting ride though. All of us pile into the van and ride down together. I don't think Mr. Ira will ever read this so I think I am safe to say his driving makes us a little sick. Of course it is always and issue of who will ride on the back seat. Lucky for me (or maybe not), Ike gets extremely car sick so we get the middle seat usually. Memories are always made! This year's is alittle much to share but I will just say Sam was uncomfortable. Then as soon as we got back Ike and I headed over to my aunt's for thanksgiving supper. We were still stuff from lunch but we couldn't pass up a few things. It was good family time and very relaxing.
That night me, ms. Susie and Rose headed out to black friday! My sister's favorite night/day of the year, so happy black friday to her, she thinks it is a holiday! We hit old navy first since they opened at mid night and we didn't need to get anything from walmart. Then a coffee run and off to sit in the car for a few hours till Kmart opened. I was heart set on this pre-lit twirling christmas tree. So we all got out around 3:45 and stood there till they opened at 5, and by the time the doors opened I could care less about that tree, I had to go to the restroom so bad! I mean priorities. But SERIOUSLY what was I thinking how many of those people do you think were rushing in for a christmas tree...none! Oh well I got it! And SOMEHOW we managed to ride with it in the car!
This is us outside Kmart!
Thanksgiving week was a blast not only did we have a great time with family but alot of our friends were home and we got to see them. This week back to reality! Ike has finals next week and then a month off WOOHOO!!! I am looking forward to some christmas movies!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Life lately...

Ike and I finally got to hang out last weekend! We played the entire weekend. Friday night we went to the Mississippi State basketball game. I have to say I enjoyed it. Sporting events have been a major feat for me. At one time these where attended to merely socialize but now that I am actually watching I do enjoy them. Mr. Ira, Ike's dad, is so proud! :)
**My Camera has yet to be charged so all the pictures in the post are from my Iphone, so not great quality.

Then Saturday we went to our friends, the Tucker's little boy's birthday party. He is PRECIOUS!Then Sunday we went out of town just the two of us and spent some much needed quality time together!

This weekend was another work weekend for Ike. His teacher is giving him a test on the Tuesday before thanksgiving, REALLY? But we did break out a little Ike of course had to go hunting Saturday morning with his dad and then Saturday night was our last home game. So we went over for the game and hung out with the Barnette's afterwards. I am sad to see football season coming to an end! :)

Big smiles for halftime! And I must say we lost but we were still smiling at the end! :)We had some yummy soup and smores after the game!!Sunday our sweet friend Renee took our Christmas pictures which I am SUPER excited about! I took this one just to make sure we were camera ready. Ike thought this was necessary can you tell?

Friday, November 5, 2010

A few randoms..

A few weeks ago we snuck away from our house for a few hours. My sister and her husband, Jason had a delicious cook out with some friends and family. We had a blast hanging out with everyone especially this little one! He is soo swweetttt and too cute! No... he did not drink any of this Mt. Dew! :)
A few weeks ago I had to go to Nashville for a few days...I just added this to say I love this place! I am a HUGE country music fan! :) Plus it reminds me of summer trips with the Simons! GOOD times! I loved this little shopping center they had country music playing for your enjoyment as you walk around!
And lastly....Our little Lobster, Buster! Doesn't he look like he loves IT!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next ...

I am SOOO proud! I know I say that alot but if you could see how hard my husband works you would know why! Today I am sooo proud because he got THE job offer, which who doesn't love him!!! So we know where we will be! Now Ike will finish grad school first and sit for the CPA, so he will not actually go to work for the company until next fall! Is that not crazy they hire this far out? But it is nice for us for many reasons! I love this guy to pieces!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A slight update...

I say slight, because I can't possibly update the past few weeks it has been BUSY!!!! I feel like everything is happening all at once and my house is a wreck, laundry hardly gets done, and I'm sooo tired (and emotional but we won't get into that). AND NO I am not pregnant that was my mom's question to me the other day ( I felt I should add this is after the 3 times I have called her crying for no apparent reason). So what has been going on you may be wondering... All the wonderful things first...Maybe pictures would help....First thing was my cousin had her sweet little baby Brayden and I had the honor of being there for it, and by there I mean in the room! Not that we had much choice he came quicker than they expected the doctor was not even there! When I accepted this honor I thought she would be having an epidural and it would be no sweat, WRONG! This girl does it all natural, and I decided that is NOT for me! :) Then it was fall break which we had been waiting and waiting for...Me, Ike, and Buster went to Kentucky to hang out with some of our friends there, the Gillis. We had a blast, and I think Buster fell in love with their girls! Buster's first swim!! He hated it! He is so funny. We went to the dog parks and he wanted to walk on the side walk! We got to see Mike and Emily... Please pray for this couple, they are expecting twins girls. They have had some complications and Emily is on bed rest. Praying that these girls stay healthy. We need more of this.....
My work has been CRAZY busy, and I have been out of town with it lately and of course Ike has been hard at work with school. He has also started the interviewing process with a few firms! We are excited/nervous about what our next step will be but totally trust God to lead to the place he wants us. Now I am tired so that is my slight update more to come! :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Mississippi State Bulldogs!

Ike and I had not planned to go to the game last Saturday. We don't have season tickets since we never know what Ike's schedule will be like, it would have been a waste. Friday afternoon Ike calls and ask if I wanted to go to the game, and since I am really excited about football this year I said YES!! His wonderful boss and her husband gave us 2 tickets! We were so excited. So of course I needed a new outfit, Ike took me to get that Friday night which was alot of fun! Then Saturday we headed over early to tailgate with the Barnette's! Good food and lots of fun! OUR bulldogs pulled out a win! We could not be more proud! :) And our seats were awesome. They were close, padded, chair backs...could not ask for more!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our bedroom

I am continuing with the tours Kelly's Korner is hosting, and this week is Master bedrooms. If you visited last week and saw our living room... well our bedroom is even smaller, but I love it especially the colors. . We never have found anything the right size and colors for above our bed

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who's ready for FALL!?

Anyone who knows me, knows this time of the year is bitter sweet for me. I love fall as much as the next person, but I strongly dislike winter. Ike and I have been discussing our next move and anytime a northern state is mentioned Ike says, "You don't do well in cold weather." Translation: you complain. True statement, but we will see. I like to be able to go outside and soak up the sun, and get off work in the daylight. So I know what you are thinking, why are you even thinking of winter? I have no idea why my mind almost skips fall and jumps to winter, I am not a pessimist. A few things I like about winter...sweatshirts, chili, not having to mow the grass every week, lower power bill, and I am sure there is more. Ok that was therapeutic. So for now...we are ready for fall! We have started the decorating !Look who else is ready for fall...He has the proper clothing.Buster LOVES his sweaters! He will go crazy if you mention it and slips his head right in. He shares his mom's view of winter. And the picture below is for your enjoyment! :) Open up wide!
**Note that he has crawled between me and the computer once again, and is yawning right in my face. Think he is ready for bed?? He does not like Ike's late studying either, but we are so proud of him!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show us your life- Living rooms

Kelly's Korner is doing house tours and I thought it would be fun to join in. Especially since we may not be in this house next year and I would like to remember our first home! So here it is our little living room! I like this room alot!

We never found anything for that wall.

Big Brother Party!

For the finale of Big Brother we all got together to watch. We were all pleased with the results. I mean of course we preferred Lane or Britney win but Hayden would do! It was fun to all watch together! I was actually sad that it was over. I am not sure why that show is so entertaining!
Big Brother party! Me and Ike...great hair, I know!

Amanda had check offs the next day so we had to be her patients!Are they not so cute!!!
Buster was of course so excited to see Mackenzie!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not much to report

It has not been a very exciting week at our house. I mentioned that Ike was sick last weekend, which only got worse. He went the doctor but she did not think he needed an antibiotic. He strongly disagrees, and I have to agree with him. This week I came down with what I am sure is a sinus infection! So we have both been moaning and complaining all week! :) THEN our bulldogs didn't quite make the cut last night, we won't talk about that! Then we have been watching big brother this season and It made me cry on Tuesday. How ridiculous is that?? not a great week. HA! Enough of the complaining!

On a brighter note...I forgot to blog about Buster's recent skin rash. (He's our baby, remember) A few weeks ago we noticed his hair was coming out in spots and he had little bumps all over him. Turns out it was a fungal/viral thing that dogs can get from grass. We had antibiotics for him and special soap, and he is looking a 100 times better. And we learned that Buster much prefers a shower to a bath! We had to leave the soap on him for 10 min, that can be challenging.

Other than that nothing to report really. School is going good for Ike, in fact he is hard at work now (Friday night, boo!), and it looks like he has a long weekend ahead of him! I am so proud of how hard he works!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friends and football...

Last week I was in Denver all week for a work conference. While I was there I got to visit with my friend Sarah! Sarah and I met when we were interns for a summer in Memphis! It was nice to be able to catch up! The last time I saw her we were both still in college and single. Now we are both married and she is expecting a baby! It is funny how conversations change!
Then I got home Friday night to my sick husband! Bless his heart, Ike catches everything! He was a trooper though. Because Saturday was a big season kicked off! We tailgated with 2 of my college roommates and their families! I have not always been such a huge sports fan but I am starting to actually enjoy football! Ike and I are both Mississippi State Alumni! (Actually Ike is still a student there). So we both love our Bulldogs, and they made us proud Saturday! Maybe this will be a better season for us!

Me and 2 of my #7 girls! and our newest member Walt!Jen and WarrenThe CarpentersSam and Candace stopped by to visit!
Ready for the White out game!!
This was Warren's first SEC football game! I think he liked it, and the cowbell!!