Sunday, December 18, 2011

December is here!

 It has been a busy few weeks!  Mom has been home for several weeks now.  She came back last week for an MRI to see how the external radiation went, and the doctor said the spot is now a third of the size it was originally.  He referred her to a doctor at home for her to finish up the internal radiation there.  I have mixed feeling about this; I am sure out of my own interest because here I can see her everyday.  She seemed pleased with this decision, and I know she will be more comfortable at home.  They did not say exactly when they will start this so we are assuming the first of the year.  Work is going well for both us.  Last weekend we went to our first Christmas party for Ike's work.  It was a lot of fun, a little intimidating but fun!  
Before the party....

Christmas decorations!