Monday, January 25, 2010

Too much T.V.??

Ike and I have been recovering from the holidays...AKA... been lazy lately! Here is how we have been spending our nights... Yes...we are all three sharing one recliner and yes there are two of them! But this is the way I like it! :) The other night Ike and I got a taste of watching things for your children. All of our friends with kids tell us how they watch Mickey Mouse club house and such shows all the time for their children. Well the other night we started watching The Princess Bride, we forgot it was alittle goofy, and we would have turned it off but this is our little K-9 child....
Needless to say we watched every minute of it!


A great friend of ours, Lauren "York" Tucker, has been in town for a few weeks. She and her husband Paul had baby in November! Johnathan Wiley Tucker! He is such a sweet baby! The other day Lauren and Johnathan came to visit us. Johnathan was so good. He made having a baby look like a piece of cake...and Ike is a natural!

Then on Monday I got to meet Bain and Kellie Nickels new baby, Ross Baker. He was also, sooo sweet and good. Looks so easy...then again I still got to go home and sleep through the night :) These two sweet babies did make it very tempting through!

New Year's 2010

This post is WAY over due...These are the traditional pictures from New Year's.
A girl shot .... Me, Lauren W., Stacie, Lauren T., Jennifer, and Emily
And a Guy's shot (a little blurry this year...not the photographer I am sure)
Brooks, Clint, Kyle, Ike, Rob, and Brian

I have posted about New Year's before...but this is something we do every year. It started out mostly just a bunch of friends and has gone through all the phases... to this year everyone was married or engaged. (Congrats to Emily and Brooks... who just got engaged). So much fun!!!