Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life Lately

I have been informed that I am behind on my blogging. So here is the latest... Ike has started classes again. He finished his Bachelor's degree in May... YAH!!! He is now taking a few classes that he needs to be admitted into the MBA program, which is what he is hoping to do. He has been a dedicated little student...I have been so proud of him! BUT it does tie up the computer! :) and I miss him...I don't know what to do with myself when he is working on school work all night. I know it will be good though I can now get back into the gym and HOPEFULLY lose the extra 10 lbs I have gained since our wedding! WHAT is the deal?? I heard marriage brings the weight on but really??? I need a running buddy...(I miss you Emily and Vanessa! former workout buddies). It is hard to stay motivated, but I am really going to try! Anyway that is about all that has been happening lately! We are headed to Texas tomorrow to visit our friends Kyle and Lauren! We are super excited! Have a great Labor day everyone!
I added this picture as encouragement...this was alittle over 2 years ago...and about 15lbs ago when Ike and I were first dating!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our little family!

Just sharing a picture of our little family. Buster has gotten SOO big...even the vet said he is bigger than she expected...but Ike says he is still the baby! He is going through his teenage years I do believe...he loves playing with his cousin Bailey (Amanda and Jason's puppy) or any little kids... he loves them ..maybe because they are more his size. And he LOVES those rawhide bones....but is not quite as demanding of our attention anymore. I told Ike I will be sad when our children go through this :( He is a sweet puppy and still needs enough attention to keep us from wanting anymore children right now.

Friday, August 8, 2008

6 unimportant things about me...

1. My dream career would be a make-up artist. I love to fix hair and do make-up. I have done it for alot of my friends for weddings and proms etc.... It is soo fun to me!
2. I get soo excited when I get something new...Ike likes to watch me after I get something new (especially shoes or clothes) because I am like a little kid when I am excited i shrill and everything.
3. I hate tomatoes and lettuce but I love salsa and salad...weird I know!!!
4. I love pictures..anyones...I just love to look at them and take them!
5. I love chick roommates in college will be glad to know that I found a new liking for suspense movies too. (of course with alittle romance) In college I refused to watch anything but romances
6. We hardly ever watch TV...we hardly ever even turn it on...maybe once or twice a week.

Ok there you go useless info about me... I tag Jenifer and Megan

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Hair!

So I got tired of rolling my hair all the time so I got a body wave...Here is the picture (for my girls)

Six Flags!

On the way to Atlanta Rob and Stacie called and ask if we wanted to go to Six Flags on the way home Sunday. Of course Ike and I were both like YES!! It was alot of fun. We got one of those fast pass things and it was worth EVERY PENNY! We rode most of the roller coasters. Which I enjoyed even though I hated the ride up as usual. On the way out we were about to make our last stop on the stand up roller coaster and I want you all to know it was stuck mid-hill with people on it!!!! Oh no way was I getting on it then!!

Ike's first attempt at a picture going up the hill...that is my ATTEMPT at a smile while scared!

I did better this time!

Jimmy and Becky Simmons

This past weekend our friends Jimmy and Becky got married in Atlanta! The wedding was very nice and Becky of course was a gorgeous bride! The trip was so fun. It was nice to get to hang out with friends. Ike and I both had a great time! It has truly been the summer of weddings. I think Ike and his guy friends got together and decided to take the plug together :)
Me and The beautiful bride, Becky
Ike and Jimmy

Friday, August 1, 2008


This past weekend we went with Josh and Jenifer at Hokkaido a Japanese Restaurant in Tuscaloosa. It was sooo much fun. We all loved the food and the cook was so funny. My favorite part was the waiter was doing tricks with an egg and the egg busted he said, "opps bad egg from China" ...Then he looks over at Josh and says "you from China"...Josh says, "no, do I look like I'm from China." The cook says "Yes, you eyes." I laughed soooooo hard. It was great. Jenifer tell Josh it was too good not to share! We have to go again soon!

Rose's visit

Rose came home a few weeks ago for a visit. This time she brought home Chris, who we are thinking will be joining the family relatively soon! We all really liked him. He seems to fit well with Rose. It takes someone special (just kidding, Rose)...They are both special people and we are all excited. While they were here Ms. Susie's mom had a family reunion...Now I know you are thinking wow Chris meet the grandparents on the first trip...yes he did, but this family reunion was the ENTIRE family. Ms. Susie's grandmother was one of 21 so it was her whole family over 100 people...CRAZY! But really it was fun (maybe not for Sam who got bit by like 12 wasp)!! Here are a few pictures from the visit!