Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blizzard of 2010!

I had to go to a conference for work in D.C. this past week. I had been looking so forward to this trip because I knew that I would get to see Rose and Chris, and Aunt Iris and the Szabo's. BUT unfortunely mother nature was not aware of this or apparently did not care...After crazy flight changes Molly and I made it there, and except for a few little occasions... there we stayed! I did not get to see any of the family! :( I kept telling Molly that we were witnessing exciting! We really did enjoy the trip and the snow, and thankfully (unlike many of our colleagues, who were stuck till Monday because Jackson had alittle snow) were able to make it home Friday afternoon.
These are stairs, I had no idea THANKFULLY Molly noticed....
It was coming down!!!

Me, Molly, and Reba