Friday, June 17, 2016

Brant lately

Brant Man!

He's so silly!  And he loves to tell us.."Momma, I silly"

He LOVES to be outside!!!

Ike will hate that I posted this but it is just too funny not to!  
Such a little Ike!  He had this car two days before he said he needed to wash it!

Woody is his current favorite!
He's a momma's boy if there ever was one!
He has figured out the art of making faces at the camera!

Brant is your typical threeanger!  He can be the sweetest child in the entire world, and then all the sudden flip a switch!  He can be quite the little moodster!  Ike and I will joke...oh no! he's in a mood. But he is so loving.  He is always hugging and kissing on us.  Potty training has gone pretty well, again something that is on his terms.  He doesn't always like to take a break for the potty.  He is very independent and plays well alone.  He does loves his Pencey though, and he is his favorite to play with!  He is super dooper smart like his daddy, and really funny!  He is such a blessing, Ike and I know we are so lucky to be his mom and dad.


Jaimee Granberry said...

Oh threenagers, there's nothing like 'em! I lived catching up with your boys!

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