Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years!

Blogging can be extremely time consuming! Yesterday I did not get around to blogging about our New Years! We look forward to this every year. A couple of years ago Kyle Walker and his now Fiance Lauren Atkins hosted a New Year's party at the Walkers and the tradition has continued and the parties have grown! This is the time we all come together eat good food and catch up! There is always a bonfire and SMORES...which is one of my favorite parts! Then of course fireworks and we get to ring in the New Year with some of our best friends! This year followed right with tradition and was so fun! We don't know what next New Year's holds with us all getting married and scattering even further apart! But we hope that this tradition will continue. The first party ringing in 2006 Girls 2007
Boys 2007Girls 2008Boys 2008

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