Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Count down!!!

We are getting married in 4 days ....YAH!! I could not be more excited! I think just about everything is done...thanks to all of our great friends and family! They are the BEST! So the wedding is this Saturday at 4pm!!! Hope everyone can come!


The Ruffins said...

I wish you both the best! I know you can't wait til Saturday! Enjoy the best day ever! I know you'll both be beautiful. Wish I could be there!

Kevin & Laura Drewry said...

Hey Brandy & Ike!! I am not gonna be able to come to the wedding, but my thoughts will be with you guys!! Enjoy every single minute because it absolutely flies by!! I am so excited for you two!!

Jason and Leigha said...

Brandy and Ike,
I am so excited for you two! It is so wonderful to have your best friend to come home to every night. :) I pray that God will bless your marriage!

Leigha Dawkins