Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My job has required alot of travel this year! Most of the places have been local stuff like Jackson and Meridian. However, a week ago I got to go to California for a week! My co-worker Molly and I both went. We stayed in a great hotel and the conference was not bad at all! The best part is my uncle, aunt, and 2 cousin live about 45 minutes away from the town the conference was in. I do not get to see them alot, in fact it had been about 6 or 7 years since I had seen my aunt and cousins. So I was very thankful for the trip! Molly and I were so thankful to them. They took us all over California. We went to Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Diego, Balboa Island at New Port beach. It was great!
SOO...Molly and I had a few adventures of our own too...BIG MISTAKE! We decided after a few days that we needed to find cheaper transportation so we took the city bus to the beach one afternoon! I am not sure what we were thinking! The bus is complicated you have to catch 2 buses to get to your final location. So we make it just fine to the 2nd stop but the bus only comes every 30 mins well apparently this bus was running late because I know we waited a good 45 minutes. There were 3 men and an Asian couple (that clearly did not speak English) at the bus stop. One man appeared to be homeless and 2 of the three men were obviously intoxicated. The homeless man was very concerned that I was getting burned, after about the 10th time he told me I needed lotion for my skin he comes over and fills my hand with BABY OIL(we think)! Molly and I were both like NO!!!!!! that just burns you (not to mention who knows what it is really)! At this point I just want the bus to come I am getting alittle nervous! The other intoxicated man says he lives at Newport beach and we should follow him, I am like ok sounds good and starting talking away to him! I was nervous remember, but I think my talking was making Molly nervous. Anyway he lead us to the beach thankfully and we parted ways! And I have rambled enough so I will just say the bus ride home was not comfortable and got just alittle crowded!!! oh fun times!

The trip would have been better if Ike could have gone! Next time this conference is in Denver so maybe he can go then I am crossing my fingers!!! :)
I will add more California pics soon!

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