Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ike and I had a great thanksgiving. We went to Carthage for lunch with Ms. Susie's side of the family. As usually it was alot of fun visiting and the food was great. Ike was super excited his Memaw made homemade carmel cake...his favorite. He has said several times I need to learn to make it.....I made carmel icing ONE TIME for a bake sale and it was ridiculously difficult so hopefully Memaw will be around for a long time to make it for Ike! After we left there we went to my aunt's house. My family makes a day of the holiday so even though they had eaten lunch no one had left yet. They also love to bring out the karoke machine at family gatherings (and the karoke machine has grown over the years, it is now more like a sound system than a karoke machine...just so you can visualize this thing)...and until Ike joined the family this was fine...none of us can really sing, but we will sing our hearts out like we can. But poor Ike, he can sing...which is a problem...see when we sing and it stinks it is ok no one really knows or cares, Ike on the other hand practices a song at least 95 times before singing it in public. He gets alittle stressed when they bring out the karoke because they immediately start pressuring him. I try to defend him, but they are relentless! HAHA! He did end up singing one song for them. :)

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