Thursday, January 27, 2011

New year's trip

This year we decided to make a trip up north for the new year. Sam and Candace went with us and we DROVE! It really was not too bad well for me and Candace who were not "allowed" to drive. The boys did not feel safe with us behind the wheel. Which means we slept! First stop was in Birmingham. Where we dropped off a friend. Then we drove through the night to D.C. where we stopped to visit aunt Iris and the Szabo's for a few days. Then we spent a day in Baltimore... Then off to Wisp for a little skiing! SUCH A FUN TRIP!

First day we went to Arlington. Day 2: Downtown Washington D.C.New Year's eve...Day 3: Baltimore Remaining time Wisp...

Candace and I took turns with the camera so hopefully I will be able to post some of her pictures sometime! It was such a fun trip!

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