Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weeks 15-16

15 weeks
 (not a good picture, it's hard to tell anything)
How far Along: 15 weeks
How big is baby: The baby is the size of an orange
Weight gain/loss: + 4 lbs
Maternity Clothes: still just the one pair of pants.
Stretch Marks: No
Sleep: Pretty good
Diet: Am adversion to mexican and ground up hamburger meat!
Gender:  WE KNOW!!
Movement: I have thought so a few times but it's still hard to tell.
The belly: Still growing...what more can you say.
What I miss: my stomach haha!  and oddly I miss running. 
Symptoms: Heartburn, frequent urination. Still feeling pretty great!
What I'm looking forward to: decorating the nursery!
Best moment of the week: Finding out that everything with the baby looks GREAT!  The anatomy scan went wonderful.  AND finding out the gender.  I want to do a post about that of its own.
16 weeks
I'm not doing great at all with the pictures and especially not the chalkboard!

How far Along: 16 weeks
How big is baby: The baby is the size of a Avocado
Weight gain/loss: still just + 4 lbs
Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing a mix right now.
Stretch Marks: No
Sleep: Good!!
Diet: same as week 15.
Gender: Announcing soon.
Movement: I think so, still hard to tell
The belly: uhhh
What I miss: nothing much
Symptoms: Heartburn, frequent urination. I am really feeling pretty great!
What I'm looking forward to: shopping and decorating
Best moment of the week: This week went by so fast I can hardly remember it.  I feel like things have been in fast forward lately. 


lindsey_marsh77 said...

Don't keep your secret much longer! Eeek! So happy for you!

The Granberrys said...

Happy 16 weeks! Can't wait for another post about the sex!