Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Texas Trip

I really really wanted Ike to get a happy surprise for his birthday.  Ike sacrifices so much for our family.  So when I was thinking what would Ike want more than anything I decided it would probably be time away from us a guy's weekend.  So the Walker's and I planned for us to come out to Texas and Ike and Kyle could camp then hunt and fish some.  It was a great plan!  The boys were great traveling to there.  We did get detoured for a little bit because of a tornado making its way through.  I wish I had pictures of soaking wet Ike and Brant.  We hung out in Walmart and got the boys dry clothes till it passed.  
These four played great together!  And the boys came back early they missed us so much.  Great daddies!!

 Toddler issues...

These two happy as can be

One of our MANY stops on the way home.....The boys were DONE with the car ride!

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