Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our life!

Things are going good! We have a house... YAH... I think I mentioned that in an earlier blog. This was a process but we are excited now to have it. The house needs some work to get it the way we want it so we have been busy with that. The cabinets were the first to go. They were a wood color that I am not fond of so we decided to paint them white. Why did our friends not warn us??? :) It takes forever. The people before us... we are pretty sure never cleaned so we have been sanding off years of yuck!! Ike is a perfectionist too which I am thankful for in this case because I want them to look great. I, on the other hand, am not a perfectionist. Ike has nicknamed me "half way Brandy". A nickname I am not proud of but I do not care if the corner of the cabinet way back that noone including us will see is done perfect. Ike insist it be done just as good as the outside! I just laugh and do as I am told. He is great! I am so thankful for him. He lets me do whatever I want to the house and is very helpful and luckily creative. It really has been alot of fun.

I haven't updated lately on Buster! He has moved in with Ike. He has done a really good job of potty training him. He is so funny...he goes outside and we have to tell him "go potty". He will go and run back to you immediately looking for his treat it is great. We think he is catching on to this and has to go alittle more often lately. He is a big baby!
We also had a great Valentine's Day. Ike is sooo good to me. He got me a necklace...that is absolutely gorgeous! ( will put a picture soon). He also sent tulips, which are my FAVORITE, to my work. It was great too because he gave me the neckalace the day before so I was totally not expecting them. I saw them in the office and I said "who got tulips I love tulips"...and they ended up being mine. My sweet baby!!! We watched a movie at the house that night which was wonderful we have not had a night off in a while.

Some of you maybe wondering "how is the wedding coming?" I don't know what to say to that :) It will all come together (I hope). We have not done much for it lately. 3 MONTHS....I can't believe it!!

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