Monday, February 25, 2008


We just wanted to take a moment and thank our friends Jenifer and Josh for their help this weekend. Josh came over and sanded our cabinets for us. We were all ready to buy new doors and throw those out. Thanks Josh, you saved us bunches! We are very grateful! :) Josh is our witness that our cabinets needed major help. So they are all sanded and waiting to be primed. So that means maybe by this weekend we can have WHITE cabinets!!! YAH!!
She is not suppose to be doing this yet???
Ike and I finished up the inside and it is just waiting for the doors!

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Josh, Jenifer, & Mackenzie said...

Aaww! How sweet of you! Not that I actually helped. :) I'm better at supervision when it comes to manual labor! Hope yall have a good weekend! Love yall! Oh, Mackenzie said to tell her boyfriend that she misses him! :)