Monday, April 28, 2008

Where has the year gone?

I can not believe we are getting married in less than a month! This year has flown by! I remember people saying that it would but thinking that there was no way. I thought it would be the longest year of my life. While a year seems like long enough to prepare in some ways I feel everything is happening all of the sudden. My sister's finance, Jason, has been Ike's roommate since we bought the house and he moved out this weekend so that we could start getting our house ready for us to BOTH live in. It is weird!!! I am so excited about getting married. I love Ike but I feel torn almost. I don't know why. I have lived away from my family before but this feels different. Poor Ike, I anaylze everything...Any feeling I have (or he has for that matter). So much has been going on lately I think that is part of it I have not had time to stop and wonder my way through everything that is happening.

Anyway, on a lighter note! We have been working on our house trying to get our cabinets done and up. My mom and wonderful aunts came over and got us started on the drawers and Ike has put them back so they look really good! We are so ready for everything to be the way we want it! We are going to work really hard to get it done before the wedding (hopefully). That is in the midst of Ike's little brother Sam graduating and tons of showers for me, my sister, and all of our friends getting married. Did I mention my little sister is getting married 3 weeks after me? Which is pretty fun we have been able to plan together, but it has also keep us both very busy!!! It is all almost here though!! WOOHOO!!

Me and My sis from my first shower

Me, Jenifer, and Ms. Mickie from the second Shower

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