Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life Lately

I have been informed that I am behind on my blogging. So here is the latest... Ike has started classes again. He finished his Bachelor's degree in May... YAH!!! He is now taking a few classes that he needs to be admitted into the MBA program, which is what he is hoping to do. He has been a dedicated little student...I have been so proud of him! BUT it does tie up the computer! :) and I miss him...I don't know what to do with myself when he is working on school work all night. I know it will be good though I can now get back into the gym and HOPEFULLY lose the extra 10 lbs I have gained since our wedding! WHAT is the deal?? I heard marriage brings the weight on but really??? I need a running buddy...(I miss you Emily and Vanessa! former workout buddies). It is hard to stay motivated, but I am really going to try! Anyway that is about all that has been happening lately! We are headed to Texas tomorrow to visit our friends Kyle and Lauren! We are super excited! Have a great Labor day everyone!
I added this picture as encouragement...this was alittle over 2 years ago...and about 15lbs ago when Ike and I were first dating!!


Tara and Jim said...

yeah just let me know....i've got some cut pieces of wood that i have done that kind of thing on before or i can find a skinny type canvas if you want...the price would depend on how much the canvas was but i would say somewhere around $30 for you

Tara and Jim said...

im excited too! it will be fun to do! it might be a couple weeks before i can get started on it because i have to finish up some other orders but it shouldn't be any longer than that..ill talk to you more about the details when im ready to start on it! hope all is well! talk to you soon :)