Friday, August 8, 2008

6 unimportant things about me...

1. My dream career would be a make-up artist. I love to fix hair and do make-up. I have done it for alot of my friends for weddings and proms etc.... It is soo fun to me!
2. I get soo excited when I get something new...Ike likes to watch me after I get something new (especially shoes or clothes) because I am like a little kid when I am excited i shrill and everything.
3. I hate tomatoes and lettuce but I love salsa and salad...weird I know!!!
4. I love pictures..anyones...I just love to look at them and take them!
5. I love chick roommates in college will be glad to know that I found a new liking for suspense movies too. (of course with alittle romance) In college I refused to watch anything but romances
6. We hardly ever watch TV...we hardly ever even turn it on...maybe once or twice a week.

Ok there you go useless info about me... I tag Jenifer and Megan


Josh, Jenifer, & Mackenzie said...

Alright, I posted my unimportant things! :) I also posted pictures of Lindsey's baby. She had him yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy-
I wanted to tell you I have a friend who always wanted to be a make-up artist....well she went to California and got training for it. So now she is a certified make-up artist. She was like you....loved to do make-up. She did my make-up for my wedding. If you are ever interested in talking with her about the school, I can give you her number. She does a great job and she has had sooo many calls around here for proms and wedding, etc. Love your blog!