Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year....a little late!

After Christmas things only got more busy for us....Aunt Iris, Cousin Joshua, Rose, and Chris all came to visit! I think Ike and I were both alittle depressed to see them all go home! We had so much fun playing games, eating Ms. Susie's food, and just hanging out. I don't have alot of pictures during their visit but maybe Ms. Susie will share and I can add some later.
Me, Ike, Rose, and Chris went to the Walker's for our annual bonfire to ring in the new year. It was different this year but Ike and I agree that it was exactly what we needed and was just as fun as ever!

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Julie Murphy said...

Ok Ike and Brandy, I still have your wedding gift. You will probably change the decor of your bathroom before I see you. Love you, Ms Julie