Monday, February 2, 2009


So if you know me you know that I can be slightly competitive. I'm not even sure why... Like yesterday I had no idea about EITHER team in the Super Bowl however Ms. Susie had told me the sweet story of how Kurt Warner and his wife met and I really wanted his team to win and I got so irritated at Sam for rooting for the wrong team (in my opinion of course, who does he think he is having his own haha)...I have known for a while that this is a problem and that eventually I was going to have to try and correct this. I mean I cause others bodily harm sometimes with this craziness. Ike got so upset the other day playing cards that he decided he would never play another game with me (I think he will change his mind). He continually reminds me that this behavior would be a terrible influence on our children. Which I have to agree with him, if my children acted the way I do sometimes I would be mortified. So this is my declaration to the world that I am working on it! :)


Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

Hahahahahahahaahhahaha!!! I love this post!!

The Ruffins said...

Your husband is one to talk--the one who slapped me in the face in NYC over a card game! Haha. Miss you guys!