Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturday nights lately...

We have started playing games alot on Saturday nights with the Jones'. Which usually leads to something like this.....This was Josh's way of "helping". If you know me at all or read this blog you know I am extremely competitive which occasionally leads to violence. My husband (or my sister when she is available) usually get injured during games. This particular night Ike was scratched due to being smarty while blocking my plays (he provokes me...he really does JOSH), so Josh brings this out to help Ike. Thanks Josh!

On a better note, I just think this picture is too sweet. Ike says he is looking forward to kids so he can watch Saturday morning cartoons again! This is Ike and Mackenzie enjoying Cinderella! :)

This night Ike and Mackenzie switched hair accessories!
Ok, so we, the Andrews family love Mackenzie, this includes Buster. This picture explains it all! He just sits and watches her the whole time she is there. She is not his biggest fan but I think she was getting used to him!

We love the Jones' and will miss them got to make the most of the time left... then we have to make road trips!

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Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

:) Mackenzie DOES love "Busther!" I love that picture of him staring at her! Not as much as I love the one of Ike wearing Mackenzie's bow and her wearing his hat, but I do love it. :) The Cinderella picture reminds me of all the lines we stood in at Disney because they always had cartoons playing and Ike and Mackenzie were content! :) Good times!!