Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everything is blooming!!

I absolutely love this time of year. It is warm but not so hot you can't stand it and everything around is blooming!!! Our azaleas bloomed so good this year I was super excited!! I know our neighbors think we are crazy but every afternoon we take a stroll around the yard to see any new blooms! Saturday when the weather was so nasty I realized I didn't have any pictures of everything blooming and I wasn't sure they would make it threw all that so, I ran outside and snapped a couple (I had to document these...this may be the only year we get to enjoy the flowers after all, who knows what next year will look like for us). I also got a picture of the clouds just north of us, no one tell my parents, who were calling every few minutes to see if we were in the bathroom as instructed.
Please notice the blinds up in the window above....That is the room directly across from the bathroom and Ike insisted that we leave those up so we could see out, my little storm chaser!!
The end of the house finally finished!
I am soo glad that we missed all that!!!

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